When Story Heals The Wounded Places -Was Any of It Worth It?

This week in our When A Woman Finds Her Voice link up we are discussing how sharing our painful experiences with others helps them heal and allows our own wounds to be bound up by God. The feeling of “me too” has the power to bring connection like nothing else can!- Sarah Knepper

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Was Any of It Worth It?

“There’s a freedom that comes when you deliberately stretch your dry, shriveled places in front of God, when you’re willing to smooth your pain in an open area.” Jo Anne Fore When A Woman Finds Her Voice

The flight to Vegas was quick, Window Seat perfect and mostly uneventful. Except for the young adult man next to me. And the young adult lady near him. Polished, clean cut and tearing apart everyone in sight. They started with their third companion. Then the people in the ads of the in flight magazine, the Flight Attendants, and their Facebook ‘friends’. You know, subtle digs, rapier sarcasm and verbal jabs designed to cut, hurt and tear while skilled enough that should one respond they’d reply something like “You’re soooo sensitive. We’re just kidding!”

Once again I asked my self and Him, “why am I on this trip?” Stuck next to smart mouth sarcastic 30-something ‘Kids’ , clearly I’d be offering up the Sacrifice of Biting mine Tongue and praying even more. Pulling out my old -school print Christian magazine the pair were suddenly silent. With several comebacks ready I was mildly disappointed not to use them. “Be still. They’re watching YOU. YOU are MY STORY.”

They watched with open wary curiosity, every move I made the entire short flight, certainly watching for a slip up to criticize or the Truth of my Witness. No small talk or chit chat . No interest…yet clearly interested and curious. My request for Orange Juice (no additives) was met with almost audible relief. I know not their story . Perhaps they felt wounded by Religion, Church, people, or God. Hoping the evidence of ‘my story’ helped them in some way.

When the invitation went out for a holiday weekend trip to Vegas I jumped on it. Obedience. Not a gambler, not a partier, don’t like cigarette smoke, really had no clue about who else was going . But just as much as I dislike smoke I really like the friend we were called to gather round.

I’ve been spending a lot of time strolling down Memory Lane lately and a few questions were yet to be answered. The final chapters yet to be told. I knew if God was asking me to go, HE had a plan.

The best part of the ‘plan’? This kid was the youngest! God’s sense of humor in all things. (Ok younger by only one year, but I just hadda say it! ) Gathering for our friend who just 2 months prior discovered brain tumors and just weeks ago under went surgery and radiation/chemo to have them removed. We sat around and laughed, cried, told stories, corrected memories, apologized, hugged, took photos and ate…way….too…much.

Still. Puzzling. Questions unanswered. Lord, God. Why am I here?

For a friend who’s had brain surgery her memory was amazing . We had come because she was Friend to All. Everyone had loved her…clearly still do. The next day a few of us met for lunch, sharing more time after Church beside the lovely Lake . One answer to one question. Ah. Understanding.

Sensing something else was about to happen and knowing I had to hear it privately, I motioned “SHHH”. She understood. I still had no clue.

More pictures, hugs, laughter . Walking up to the car she stopped me. Face to face, eye to eye she said ” I want you to know that I know your Sacrifice and it was worth it.”

At that my tears fell. You see I’d been asking Father God if any of it was worth it. My Life now and The Sacrifice 30+ years ago. To answer, He took me to Las Vegas to the arms of a Toe Headed, Horse Loving, StoryTelling long ago Friend to tell me how she has used my story to encourage other young unwed women to do the right thing. To make The Sacrifice. “Shandra, the child we told you about last night that was adopted?” Indeed I remembered his mother sitting to my right, proudly sharing photos of her son. “The young woman who gave him up was wavering , changing her mind, uncertain. I told her your story and she finally let him go.”

Tears streaming. I’ve always known everyone knew. Even my own sons were told early on. What I had yet to hear- did any good come from it all. Was it worth it? Was it worth walking through valleys of pain , rivers of shame, the Sacrifice of Biting mine Tongue , the Sacrifice of Letting Go.

Would I rather have chosen another road to travel? Yes. Since this was my Road am I glad my Story helped others along the way? Absolutely! How about you? Do you have a story of a ” me too” moment? Guarantee , someone needs to hear. You never know, the wound you heal may be your own.
Until next time, Shandra


“Is there anything more powerful than the story of a woman changed through God’s healing touch?” Jo Ann Fore, When A Woman Finds Her Voice

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  1. This blog post made my day, thank you for writing and sharing your inspiration of how God uses our story to speak to others every day.


  2. I love to read our stories and each one is just one more precious stone to add to this beautiful memorial to our God of extreme makeovers! Hallelujah, to Him be the glory and thank you Shandra for willingness to speak out! Bless you!


  3. Oh, yes, Shandra, it’s worth it in pointing to the One in whom hope is never lost! Blessings on opening up your heart and sharing from the deep well found there. God is faithful!


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