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Crazy and Messed Up – Prose by Guest Holly McKim

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by Holly McKimhollymc

Crazy and messed up

Or messed up and crazy.
One is joy over-the-top
The other exchanging blows with insanity.
Emotions hold to a frail comparison
So easily flipped forward and aft.
To direct the reins of unleashed intensity,
Or deflect the barrage of restraint’s collapse!
What do you choose in that moment?
It’s not solely about your reaction.
God’s timing, the right place and wisdom…
To freely express with heart wide open.
All Rights Owned By Holly McKim


In response to several recent Transparent writings, my friend (& an often contributor to this blog) penned “Crazy and Messed Up”.. We make choices in the moment & season with the information & experience we have at hand. Obedience. Mismanagement. Mistakes. Success. Emotions. And hopefully we learn. Perfect Title don’t you think?
How about you? Any moments you’d like to share? Those of Joy or Crazy-Making?

It’s never too late to revisit, to apologize , to publicly admit you were wrong or right. Someone’s next steps , including your own, depend on it. And who knows? The wound you heal might be your own.

Until next time, Crazy and Messed up ….AND joy over the top….In Christ Alone…Shandra

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things we do” ….and that, my friends is a God Given stake in the ground. End. of. Story.

Sometimes linking here: The Social Scene

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