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Your Story Makes You Relatable Wednesday Word

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There are a number of stories on hope, healing, and finding our voice posted and linked up today on Jo Ann Fore’s blog. They’re written by bloggers incredibly excited about Jo Ann’s new book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference. It’s the last week for this Wednesday linkup. This week’s topic is on Finding Hope in God.

To purchase Jo Ann’s book, click HERE.

The online Book Study has started! It’s never too late to join. Don’t miss it. It’s free and flexible! Register here.

There’ll  be a new blog hop beginning around the book study. Join up! You’ll be happy you did!


There comes the time we are set free from the lies of self-pity, the bondage of low self-worth.The time to share those stories we’ve been hesitant to share, the stories that will change not just us but those listening.


Deeper Still: How can we use our stories to make a difference, as encouragement to help women live above these hurts that try to stifle our dreams?

“Today is our final blog link up. Join us! We’re linking up around the topic of using our stories. You have a story, and your story matters. I would love to hear it. There are a few ways you can participate today:

  1.  Share your story by linking up a post you’ve written around this topic of courage {but be sure to mention our link up or use our button so we can stay in community}.
  2. Please share your heart about this post, or the topic in general, in our comments section below or on the original page at the blog here: joannfore . I write these words so that I can connect with you. I want to know you, what your heart feels, and your words that need to be heard. (Jo Ann Fore.)
  3. Share our graphic and this link up with others on social media.
  4. After you’ve shared with us, be sure to go back and visit a couple of the bloggers who have also shared. Peek in on their stories, their hearts, and enjoy the connection with other link-minded folks. ”    by Jo Anne Fore 

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