Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


“Childhood sexual abuse, teenage substance abuse, and a tumultuous dating relationship filled with physical and verbal abuse had left me silent.  Held captive by the lies of the evil one.  Yet I thought returning to Christ and marrying a godly man and becoming a purposeful pastor’s wife would wash it all away.  For years never realizing that I was still wearing a mask, believing the lie of Satan that no one would accept the real me.  Yet by God’s healing grace I have now been set free!”  Cheryl | securely


What a privilege it has been to be on the book launch team for Jo Ann Fore – When a Woman Finds Her Voice. Those of us on this journey together have cried, laughed, held each other up in prayer, and have picked  each other up when we have fallen.  All through on-line relationships.

I’ve taking seriously the pledge Jo Ann has challenged us to take~  “I will become a silence breaker, courageously speaking what God presses me to share.”  My name is Shandra White Harris, and I will continue to allow God to Grow my voice for those who have no Voice.

If you’d like to read Jo Ann’s book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice You will be blessed.

“My chains are gone I’ve been set free My God, my Savior has ransomed me And like a flood His mercy reigns Unending love, amazing grace.”

~Shandra~Proverbs 31:8-9


2 Replies to “Serious Freedom”

  1. Working at a Battered Women’s Shelter, I faced a lot of tragedies. I also, felt the women’s need to be free of torture and anguish. I had to leave when someone was there for 9 months with her children, got shot in the head but didn’t die on the courthouse steps where a Logan, Ohio judge treated her like chattel, giving her a court order to appear with her soon to be ex-husband. Dangerous job, bad ending. Her husband escaped minimum level prison, since he never killed her, took off on a country wide trip to marry someone who was an idiot, a pen pal. I was glad to hear his kids got married, were okay and living, eldest daughter feeling safe being married with a police officer as her husband. I felt bad, the mother had escaped but was called into court with no real respect for the trials she had been through, not enough protection for women. Sorry, men, there are more ‘bad’ stories about men, than women. Wars, murders, molestations… Should not be on such a rant. Hope you understand, Shandra. I love the sound of this fantastic book with ‘happy endings!’ God loves you, my dear! Smiles, Robin


    1. Dear Robin, I think you know I totally understand. 😉 This book by Jo Anne is wort h the read. Also head over to her blog:
      Thank you for your heart to share, to serve and to Hope. It will take Women like us which are more numbered than we might know (and a few Courageous Men) to stand up, change/enforce the laws and to really make a DIfference. Bless you Friend.


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