Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Using a very scientific poll it was recently discovered that most people surveyed are satisfied with their name. Not surprising;  we’ve grown since back in the day of a  “Muffy” wannabe. (apologies to any Muffies~but this may be for you)

But what if you had a name such as “Jabez”~born in pain and sorrow. Ouch. No really, OUCH. A constant reminder of one’s ‘standing’ and (lack of?) potential. Or what if you were lucky enough to have the intense scrutiny of  being Jon Doe MMXC. (no pressure) What if the names others flung, stuck. Or worse, the names we at times flippantly use to describe ourselves.

My own unusual  name has been misquoted, misspoken, misinterpreted. Inwardly, I would  retreat or cringe when a less than gentle version came over the loudspeaker at say, school or the airport~Wisdom and Maturity now allow me to patiently smile whilst capturing an opportunity to share a conversation. (it’s pronounced shaundra , by the way)

I ♥ weddings. Largish, smallish, everything in between.  But honestly, had not really considered the greater significance of the tradition of the name change. A new name.

This was the lovely place card at one such lovely wedding~

It has a special place of remembrance where I see it every day.

This is the back . A white stone.

Polished, Smooth,

Simple, Lovely.

Is 62:1
The nations will see your righteousness.
All kings will see your glory.
You will be given a new name
that the Lord will announce.

I ♥ the fact that the White Stone chosen for me retains the reminders of another life,

While clearly it has been transformed for a noble purpose.

Worthy of a place at the table of the Groom and His Bride.

Sometimes the remembrances of old names try to outshine the New. Anyone? Those moments are short and few. All we need do is pick up that potholed stone. Feel the smooth, polished surface to be reminded….




Enlightened by truth and TRUTH.

You  have …obeyed…kept my word and have not denied my name.

What is The Lord God asking you to do?

Say YES~Tis Time.

PS~a post script about our amazing and Transforming God who knows our every need, uncertainty and desire. When first this little note thought to post, He said wait~there’s more. From deep, deep under the coverings and layers came a fresh remembrance . Of a story~ from long ago~of a  name ~ that was based on something like this~

This is the remembrance I choose.

Until next time~ Saying YES. To Him.

Choosing to Shine, for Him.

(This first posted July 13/ 2011. Shandra White Harris all rights reserved) 

2 Replies to “What’s In A Name? Revisited”

  1. I actually turned beet red, when a fellow kindergartner said, “Do you have a red breast?” I tired of the ones who would ask when I was going to fly South for the winter, asked, “Where’s Batman?” and other plays on my name. I loved that in Spanish classes for all of high school, I was “Isabel.” I love my middle name, Elizabeth, since she was the mother of John the Baptist. Her story includes an angel, too, like Mother Mary’s does. So, I am blessed, no problems with jokes and humor these days. As we get older, we embrace the roots and history of our names. Nice job, Shandra! xo, Robin

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