Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

3 Replies to “Psalm 139:23 Monday Motivation”

  1. “Search Me Oh God,” and “Cleanse Me,” are two song titles that relate to the words of your verse for today. It is a song that I often sing, normally with a much better female voice. Sing it “with feeling,” and it will bless you beyond measure. There is a video of Glen Payne and George Younce singing the song. I can remember back to the year 1977 when I first heard my pastor singing it, being accompanied by a very good female singer. Thanks for bringing good thoughts to my mind. They just brought tears to my eyes. Please keep up the good work.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I Might Know Him”


    1. Thank you so much Friend for sharing your Precious Memories with us. Dont you think it’s just like God to have us both post the same Verse AND find each others blogs-the same day? And THANK you for your VERY encouraging words. It is a pleasure to follow your blog and your Inspiration. Y’all head over to www. . You’ll be happy you did!


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