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“Where are we?” she whispered, stepping into the deserted building. He had wanted to show her something. She had gotten caught up in the excitement , in his eagerness . Until she stepped in to this place.

Musty. What other aromas assaulted their senses she cared not to think. He stood there Silently.

Why had she not thought to tell someone where they were going?

It was only now she noticed that familiar wild look in his eyes. Some scheme had bitten him…again. They stood there, hand in warm hand. Sounds over head.

Silently . They stepped in. Going to who knew where.



Photo courtesy: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Enter Here

Word count:  100

 writing :flash fiction

by Shandra White Harris 3/19/2014

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This is Posted in- Friday Fictioneers


  1. Loved the start up-very intense and with a feeling of foreboding permeating the lines.Then the yo-yo of emotions-“They stood there, hand in warm hand. Sounds over head.”Ooh!And then came the cliffhanger of an ending!Left me breathless I tell you Shandra!What a debut!Welcome to FF-you have done a great job:-)


  2. Welcome to FF. Very good story you have here. I’m scared just reading it. I think she should of let someone know where she was going. Maybe she has a cell with her? Great writing! Nan 🙂


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