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Regret, Hope, Sliding off The Fence & Throwing Ones Hat (Back) In The Ring

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Time invested with Lovelies is time well invested . This weekend was no different.

She baked, I ate. Win-Win. We chatted about Love, Loss & Life. But mostly we chatted about our Super Hero-Jesus.

Both of us on the brink of that next – step – discovery-Breakthrough.

We can feel it.

We know (we’ve always known) it’s so much bigger than either of us.


A few weekends ago a lovely little text with the invitation to come to the Cabin. “Love to, but Can’t!” I texted back. “busy cleaning skeletons out of the closets”. Only half-joking & Only in the fashion of the ‘too busy’ distracted & can’t find my glasses-it was sent to the wrong Lovely. Yikes.

(Luckily both Lovelies knew the drill so patiently replied-“???Huh??”)

photo credit-Khazaknomad

In my mind, the fact that her man was “hunting” & I should come out to the “cabin” equates to rustic; kerosene lamps, huddled under blankies for warmth while sipping steamy hot tea in front of the wood stove with air mattresses scattered on the floor for the kids. Charming.

Sadly when we did get together, I discovered the ‘Cabin’ is sorrowfully lacking in air mattresses 😉 .

The morning was delightful. A blanket of snow-covered the land. Silent, Peaceful, Healing.

Time well spent-slowing down, reconnecting on common interests, looking toward future God Ventures.

Conversations about the past, present, future. Shame, guilt, condemnation. The three we all know about. How Women we know wrestle these daily. How we wrestle to Overcome. The weight of Regrets.

regretburden via Musings&Smatterings Blog

“Honey,” I  tell them, “Kick them to the curb till they yell ‘Uncle”.(Yes, you may quote me)

Still, with all the jesting, my cheeks truly burned, my eyes stung- as we talked about the R word. For three weeks the Lord had Whispered to me about Regrets. So much so: gloom*remorse * guilt · repentance · compunction · pang of guilt · shame *tragedy…Loss.

Mine, yours, ours, theirs….Generations of Regrets. The heaviness, Weightiness and burden of Regret . The distraction of Regret. The blind side of Regret. For. Generations.


kick it to the curb. Until-it-no-longer-moves.

If it even blinks, Princess, unsheathe Thy Sword.


As is Abba Father’s way, unbeknownst to either one- Andrea‘s been writing about Regret – I’ve been praying about Regret.

When a well-worn Joyce Meyer CD almost jumped off the shelf the day before we met. (obey? um-I listened to it-twice) God is good that way. A few weeks prior I’d watched The Storm Inside webcast which I’ve included below under Resources**. Even the Famous, even the Very Godly struggle at times.

We’re praying and thinking and Hoping for YOU! God has such wonderful plans For YOU!

Through our connection over the years, we’ve found that we both have so many God Calling opportunities it makes our United heads swim. All of them right. All of them Good. Some of them G-R-E-A-T. We chatted about them, we prayed about them. I shared with her honestly at this point of blundering, I really Wonder if I mis-heard God those 7++ years ago now. Or is it really true. I was right? He does have The Wrong Gal? Guess what? Like minds.

Later that eve… chatting  about our mutual options… my message in return to her suggestion?< You know that light headed-what-have-I-done feeling…As soon as you press send ? >Yep. that-> “Let’s Do It!”

This morning I awoke. Sunday. Quiet but for One Song Bird somewhere in the darkness outside. My sleepy ‘Welcome morning’ smile realizing somewhere in the night we’d slid off the fence. Throwing our collective Hats (back) in the Ring.

“Guess you’ve Chosen” HE  …Whispered. “Guess so” I smiled.


We truly ARE praying for you. We’ve been there. We really do know what you are, have and will go through as you Seek, Search and HOPE.

at the Intersection of hope ave and change way

Princess, Get off that fence. Throw your hat (back) in the Ring. Pick up that Sword. We’re fighting for & with you.

Please check out some of the Cabin & Mrs Andrea right here-

And other resources***-

How to understand regret — and 2 ways to avoid it | Daniel H. Pink excellent short read!

Overcoming Wrong Mindsets – Joyce Meyer -from your local library FREE!

Audioboo / Regret. A Poem by Charlotte Bronte

Hope you’ll stop back by our blogs to find out more about The (next) Projects God’s Called us to. I can’t wait for Andrea to unveil. Truly thrilling.

In the meantime, Be Blessed, Be Brilliant, Be Beautiful.

(***March 2, 2014 all rights reserved, Shandra White Harris***)

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