Who’s Got YOUR Back?

Stepping onto the escalator -That sound.

~One of the reasons I love traveling through Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport ? It’s so simple. Really. You can almost do it without thinking (which I highly do NOT advise unless you really admire the Tram view). ~

Onto the escalator where  just 6 months before, sorrowfully following my son Michael as he led to our connecting return flight  to Oregon.

Halfway up now. The definite sound of swooshing.  The definite familiar Presence behind me.

How to describe? The sensation of Comfort. Protection. Familiarity. Ease.

~Returning from another few days visiting family & friends in Tyler Texas Thoughts of past, present, future swirling – mostly pleasant sprinkled with a few wandering wonderings (another I do NOT recommend…you know that take every thought captive “‘ suggestion? yeah, that. ). ~

~How can one describe The God of Creation who knows your every thought, need, want, desire? The God of Justice? With a sense of humor. If you’ve known me for any length you know I’m a Jesus Girl and I LOVE me some Angels since I was a wee one.~

My own personal Super Hero “Guardian Angel swooshed to the empty escalator Going Up, towering behind me- radiating Heat, Light & Majesty, only HE would have leaned in to give the perfect message.

“Gotchur Back, Girl.”

Only HE, The God I’ve argued with, bantered (& bartered) with, run from, run to, submitted before, yet still sent His Son to Save me & you.  Only HE who knows my intimate thoughts. Who in His Holiness allows me (ME!?) to be humbly prepared for His Presence.


Only HE would know that was the perfectly-timed, comical-committed Messenger to my far reaching unspoken “Where’ve you been?”

Only HE would sum it up with ~

Gotchur Back, Girl


So the question is ~Who has YOUR back Friend?

Who do YOU call upon?

What’s troubling you? What’s your burden? What can you not let go of, forgive or get over? Ask Him !

Where were YOU, God, when this was happening!!??

He’ll show you. He’ll heal you.

He’ll Run to You. He really does ‘have Your Back’. And a sense of Humor, too.


Linking up today 3/31/2014 here with the Talented & Godly Hazel (and her True Story http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/ Crew)


Hop on over and join the party. You won’t regret it.


With Jesus’ Abundant Grace be Blessed,


thursday march 27, 2014 *all rights reserved*

 NOTE: In popular culture, Angels are always portrayed as winged creature. But in the Bible, only ‘Cherubim’ and ‘Seraphim’ are identified as winged creatures. (Isa 6:2-4, Ezk 1:5-6)


    • Karen, I read your comment early this morning & surprised myself that my first inclination was to think oh no! As in ‘oh no something has happened (bad)’ . As I waited for God (while I did the grocery grabbing this lovely Saturday morning, HE reminded me it could very well be you were waiting (like me) for His Sign that you were on the right track or circumstances are turning around.
      (And Wow! 3 minute response. Truly you are Highly Favored. 🙂 )

      The other thing He reminded me was a song I’d
      meant to post -another gift me thinks from a Daddy God who loves you & yours muchly:

      Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies] (Live Performance from Passion) from chris-tomlin on GodTube.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shandra, I’m touched that you thought of me and He was right. I was needing a sign that I was on the right track & things were where they are supposed to be. The sign came from my sponsor of 27 years who lives about 600 miles away. We don’t talk nearly as often as I’d like & was unusual but clearly an answer to a prayer, to hear from him when I did. Thanks for sharing the song!


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