Masked Avengers Never Die , They Just Come Around Again – Friday Fictioneers

She was rarely ill but today it was wiser to rest. She had finished 2 books, answered every email & cleaned all three bathrooms.”

“Cleaning? really shows how bored I am” she chuckled to herself.

Feeling light-headed , she flopped down. “Must have been all that cleaning”

Flipping to an oldie channel. “Oh brother” to think we all used to love this show. These guys really seemed to believe they were Real”

The Masked Avenger looked around. Then at her.

Climbing through the TV screen into her front room, he quickly turned off the set. “Can you help me?” he asked.

Masked Avengers
Studio Lights by Kent Bonham

 Photo courtesy: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Word count:  99

 writing :flash fiction-Fantasy

by Shandra White Harris 4/2/2014

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Concept: a weekly picture is posted, and the writer is challenged to produce one-hundred (more or less) words of some sort of fiction with a full plotline (beginning, middle and end).


  1. As awesome as it would be to have my favorite superhero ask for my help…having him actually crawl out of the TV screen would result in one pair of very soiled pants. (Ever watched The Ring? Much less malicious than that, but yeah…that). That’s not to detract from the story though! Funny stuff! I’m always up for a little adventure.


    • Haha! Yes my mind had gone in a variety of directions for this one, much more ominous. Watching creepy movies really gives me the eebyjeebies anymore, let alone read-write Stephen Kingesque, 🙂
      Alas, that left the safety of Adam West-Batman-type crawling through the screen. Thanks so much for the feedback!


  2. Oh, how I love when heroes come to life, Shandra! This was well written and I am in awe of your sparseness of words. I could never be part of this group who know how to reduce their thoughts into succinct limits! It was a nice daydream (about the Avenger) and will be one I hope to have, too.


  3. Whew. I can’t say I’d be anything less than terrified if a character came out of the screen and spoke to me! I’d love to read more of where the Masked Avenger might take her. Great piece, Shandra!

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  4. “The Ring” popped into my mind as well, but this is much more light-hearted. I think I’d prefer no one crawl out of the TV, especially since my husband loves “X-Files’ and things like that. It also made me think how some shows endure, even though they appear out-of-date, while others make us almost embarrassed to watch them, even though they were cutting-edge at the time.


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    • Too funny, Patricia! Balancing on your TV cabinet might pose a problem with that Mask, Cape & stretchy tights. Sounds like a comedy screenplay waiting to happen. 🙂


    • Oh Mr Bjorn. Be careful for what you wish, Son. They may look cute, cuddly & tame….but those seemingly Adorable Bunnies just might be concealing a chainsaw or two. Scary? Much. Just saying 😉


  5. Yeah, I think she sniffed too much bathroom cleaner. Any woman who can read two books, answer all those emails, and clean not 1, not 2, but 3 bathrooms in a single bound is already a superhero in my book.

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