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Pen in Hand- WORDS COME FORTH- By Kathy Halley

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Refiners Fire
Refiners Fire
Such a vast area of desert we walk, land of the lonely, land of the lost.
As we wander and thirst and become weak.  We fall to our knees weak, seeking relief.
Then in a distance, yet closer then we know. A safe place calls, where the river of life flows.
There’s some one there with open arms speaking out, daughter ” I’m here”.
A place of comfort a place of hope and life.
Up off my knees I look behind, only one set of foot prints. How could that be.
Now I know, when I couldn’t carry on, someone carried me along.
Yet there He’s reaching out welcoming me to a place to be safe from harm.
So I take his  hand; my savior my life.  Never to face each day without his presence.
My life is set on the path to eternity in the presence of the Lord.
Now on my knees each day I pray, he’s right there- He is The Way.
Protection, peace, grace and mercy are mine.
The troubles I’ll face, bring me closer to him.
Those open arms, I still see.  Standing now in his presence. Never alone.
I am so excited that I will be with My Father for eternity.
For yours  is the kingdom and the power for ever and ever amen.
He is the potter I am the clay.
I am being refined, only the best is left.
Tears are collected and kept.
Broken heart is being healed.
The word of God is where I find, a path that leads.
I am sheltered under his wings.
Because he lives I can face tomorrow.
by Kathy Halley
*All rights reserved February 7 2014*
Hi Friends, If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed a weekly post by my long-time Friend & prolific Prophetic writer, Kathy Halley. If this touches your lonely, lost heart it’s for YOU…from The One and Only God of The Universe, who loves YOU. Blessed Palm Sunday Daughters and Sons.
Shandra White Harris

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