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Taxes – Transparent Tuesday 4/15/2014

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If you were to peek into my apartment this moment:

1. You would never know I was ever organized.

2. You would never know I live solo. (as I verbally walk myself through Number Crunching- amidst the three person mess)

3. You would say to yourself, as you backed s-l-o-w-l-y away, (thus avoiding interaction with a semi-desperate Number Cruncher) ;

Tis tax time.


When working a project there’s a familiar pattern…starting small, manageable, moves smoothly. Then. There’s that one document I think I saw in the pink folder . Somewhere. Then there’s the data from that yellow file…upstairs. Before the culmination it’s much worse, before better.

Currently?  In the midst of ‘worse’. And if you haven’t noticed? it’s almost April 15.

Tis tax time!

I don’t usually wait this long. No. Never. But last year God sold my house. So. Rather than paying a huge Capital Gain ‘early’. I waited.

Wait. What’s that?

Refund! (if you dont think THAT’S a God Works it together for good story…)

God Ole God.


Tis also Holy Week. My favorite time of Year. That it falls at tax time is why this True remembrance came softly. It’s what initiated the stroll down memory lane…

Over Spring Break. I traveled to Texas  That it was exactly 6 months, almost to the day, since traveling that same path to bury my dad, was not lost on me. God’s timing. God’s Plan.

Now, in the midst of  all these papers for tax time…a quiet remembrance.

little golden book 003A blonde-haired girl. She’d saved and saved. For what else? A Book. Each time they went to that market, while grownups did grown up things, she gently took the Little Golden Book between her fingers. To reassure herself (and it), check the price tag , compare it with her s-l-o-w growing collection of coins.

Finally the day came. She had enough.

Telling her earthly daddy to wait in the car, she ‘could do it’. Unbeknownst to that  7-year-old girl there was, in the Great State of Kentucky, something called a ‘sales-tax’.

How hard it must have been for my earthly daddy to watch his confident little Treasure walk in so assured; the next moment fall.

Standing at the counter, not knowing what to do-I heard my beloved earthly daddy suddenly standing behind me saying : “I’ll make up the difference”.

Just like our Heavenly Daddy. How much more does God grieve when we fall. Yet, His son Jesus Christ, willingly makes up the difference. Paying for me. And for you, if you’ll allow.

Just like Father God to show such a lovely, loving remembrance. Right. About. Now. Thankful.


Alrighty, back to it. (taxes that is) Render unto ‘Caesar ‘  his due. It’s what keeps the Great State of Oregon going.

Until next time , what remembrances will you share? (Taxes or otherwise 🙂 ) We’d really love to hear. Shandra

“The only thing certain in Life, is death and taxes” Mark Twain



Dad's Headstone. Texas
Dad’s Headstone. Texas


Linking up this week with the folks over at Hazel Moon’s  True Stories Party Week of April 14,, and Hop over and check out some very inspirational stories. Maybe share yours?

(Author note, God had this story written before I knew the suggested prompt for this week. God Ole God.

Hop over to Hazel’s  link & you’ll see what I mean)


5 Replies to “Taxes – Transparent Tuesday 4/15/2014”

  1. That’s a a beautiful story… None of us had perfect parents, but it’s not because they didn’t want to be. The seemingly little things show the true heart of a person. What a wonderful memory… worth more than any refund check we could ever get…

    Liked by 1 person

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