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Pen In Hand -by Kathy Halley – posted for Good Friday

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Words come like a great wave that pulls you off your feet, like a big wave you didn’t see coming and carries you out to sea.
Now a float drifting with no answers as far as you can see.
Looking for answers with in your own words, stuck somehow, no answers to come you dare not speak.
Looking for a way to deal with the hurt, those words somehow are tossing you around upon the waves that take you further out with no answers.
Look up, there is an answer waiting for you, He is your savior, he will explain things to you. Adrift in the silence is where he will speak.
How you got there, and how to get back.  That which has been said, and is stirring in our head.
Words can crush you and leave you silent.
Be careful what you say, someone may be fragile, and other’s will be angry.
They can leave you empty, or fill you up.
What do they mean, what do they say.
Father, please explain.
Filled with compassion, He will help.
His words are not empty, they will lift you up, they will explain.
The author, the finisher of what you seek.
He is the only way.
Give it time you’re healing is at his feet.
By Kathy Halley 4/1/2014 *All rights reserved*

5 Replies to “Pen In Hand -by Kathy Halley – posted for Good Friday”

    1. Thank you so much Laurie! You’re very kind & I will follow Saved By Grace.

      My friend and Contributing Writer , Kathy, will be very pleased to see your comment on her post. Shandra


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