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Pen In Hand Devotion – from Hebrews 11 – by Kathy Halley

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Once again my  my friend, and often Contributing Writer on the blog, leads us through God’s Word into His Presence.

 I LOVE that “By Faith MY Faith” will grow stronger & Promises be full filled.

What’s The Spirit speaking to you as you read this Devotion?


by Kathy Halley, 4/20/2014 All rights reserved

[Devotion time, taken and received from Heb 11]

“Promises”—-Spirit speak from the word.
Off in a distance, we welcome you.
I live by faith until death comes.
I’m a stranger here.
Have always been searching for my way home.
From childhood always longing for a heavenly home.
My Father he has prepared this place I speak of.

My faith has seen many dreams in the pages of His word.
My past, present and Future are in his hands.
By faith I pass through.
Many walls have been removed.
My faith is turning my weakness into strength.
aaaspirit of god
I have wandered many deserts, and He has removed many mountains.
Seeking shelter in His arms.
I may not receive all that has been promised.
” BUT GOD”, He has something better for me.
And together with God it will be made perfect.
I found “GRACE” in my time of Need.
” God will move Heaven and earth for you if you will trust in Him.”

**by Kathy Halley all rights reserved 4/20/2014**

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