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As The Band Played On – Friday Fictioneers

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They sipped in silence.


She’d finally agreed to an exclusive interview only in a public place where she’d not be recognized.  He’d secretly requested The Band play her favorites. She seemed oddly at ease.


“When the messages began I was wary. Then flattered. It somehow became a game.”


She paused. Sipped. “You’ve seen ‘You’ve Got Mail’ ?” He nodded.


“It could be anyone here.” Smiling that truly guiless way “It could be you…or them.” looking toward stage.

Image Copyright – Björn Rudberg

  “For a while it would stop.”


“Always started again.”  Even after changing her passwords, website and address.


The few times she’d tried to explain, They told her she’d lost it; she should be ashamed.


She was & she did. Checked herself into a ‘Home’. Stuck in ‘The Twilight Zone ‘ she’d explained.


Her dreams , like her spirit, now crushed & small.

A weary hand rubbed her forehead, covering her face. She turned to him with piercing green eyes & with angry determination said “It stops now. Or…” her voice trailed.


“I best get back. My Psychiatrist says I’m ready for release. I don’t want to mess that up.”


Rising, she revealed the ankle bracelet-tracking device. “Fashion fun for the delusionally inclined”  Her typical self-deprecating humor.


He sipped, smiling as she walked away.


Hacking into her account once again, he typed “You’ve Got Mail” then demanded “Or What?”…


As The Band Played On.



What she ever saw in him as ‘amazing’ or ‘courageous’ or ‘honorable’ she knows not.

Owning his part of the Story ; telling the Truth is non negotiable.

I never signed on or agreed to take one for the team or take for a bullet for you.

It’s just a matter of time before Truth wins out.

Either way…

Not even interested! Get lost kid.


Confession & Owning your part would have been good for your soul

and potential relationships.

Owning your part Non negotiablee.

There is NO space  in my future for anyone who won’t.

Deal Breaker

God’s Word and Mine.

He made his choice. She made hers.

NOT interested.

His loss.

He loses.

Stay out of her life and blog.

The End. 



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Weekly Photo Prompt Courtesy of our BogParty Hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


30 Replies to “As The Band Played On – Friday Fictioneers”

    1. Glad you asked!
      Our Heroine is niave but when She gets it, Behold! As it was first posted (what Robin read) our Heroine didn’t let on she knew. As I’ve thought more i can’t stand implying a wimpy-victim Heroine, which she is NOT. I think She’s known all along. I’ve changed a few words since you read to indicate (hopefully) she’s known all along who.

      She agreed to the Interview to give him one last warning, one final chance to Man up. To stop.
      She’s weary of games. Not to mention the univited invasion of Privacy. She’s asked for help. Notta. Not a Nervous Nellie, our Gal, Now she takes matters into her own hands.

      He now knows- she’s known & she remains POed. Really all he had to do was speak to her, right? Not drive her to the NutHouse. Unless that’s his point all along. Hmmmm.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading & taking time to comment. Shandra-the writer-work-in-progress.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a fantastic story and I catch every intentional word. Some will think us “crazy” because we seek for a deeper life and to be more in touch with the Jesus of “NOW.” I spoke to the congregation today during the sharing time, about “Are you hungry?” Hungry for more of the genuine presence of God, where there is freedom to reach out and worship truly in spirit. I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit and I believe some did also. God is IN this place and as the Wind cannot be explained, we know the wind is real ! ♥


  2. What a dicey situation, Shandra. I think he’s going to found out. Set against the music, it makes for a kind of surreal scene. You just never know what people are talking about!


  3. Shandra, I agree that it was a creepy interview. The scary part is with hackers, it could happen to anyone. I refuse to use credit/debit cards online as there has been too much fraud. Good story and well written. It could have been a real interview.



    1. Thanks so much for Sun for taking time to stop by comment & subscribe to follow. An honor. Clearly this guy doesn’t understand the Heroine. A woman gives plenty of chances then, When she says done. She means DONE. Stay away. finished. Blessings, Sun.


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