I Still Stumbled!

“Miss Harris after all the hours we practiced, doggone it! At the end, I still stumbled!”


We adults at the meeting table all chuckled, nodded knowingly, making empathetic, pithy comments such as “all part of Life, Girl.” ~~

At Sweet 15 she has no idea about all the potential lumps and bumps coming in this thing known as Real Life.


Stumbling on a set of stairs was the ‘worry’ of the day.  We’d practiced hours and hours walking smoothly, moving gracefully, putting on, taking off her One-Size-Fits-None Choir Robe. We’d prepared for everything possible.


Or so we thought.


After the concert, going down the stairs, White folding cane in one hand, hand rail in the other, one hand holding her guide’s arm, another hand hiking up that Blue and White robe. No wait. (see the trouble?)


That moment could have changed her trajectory, if she’d let it.  She could have forgotten all the lovely practices, all the songs, the Beautiful harmony of  The High School Choirs culminating at this moment.


We talked privately, she and I about stumbling. She, so refreshingly nonchalant. Hardly embarrassed-ever. Taking Life in stride. Two imperfect people sharing our Story, for this season.


But at this moment I could tell it could have gone either way for her. She cared what I thought. It mattered to her that she might have ‘failed’. “In the end, I still stumbled.”


Almost as if she couldn’t understand how it could have happened. Anyone?   She’d practice. She’d studied. She knew what to do. Yet.


“No big” I said. “No one died, right?” We joked. It was just one of those things in Life where one little moment could have had a drastic end on those Auditorium steps. But it didn’t. She’d prepared. She’d been ready. And now she knows.


That little blip does not discount all she’s done before. Or will do.


Since that conversation I’ve thought much, about her simple clear confession. “I Still Stumbled!”   We all have. We all will.


It’s what we do with it that matters.


When you take risks, get up from failures, seek God even when it’s hard, and eventually make it to The Promised Land you make others want to do the same. Holley Gerth – God-sized Dreams

~~Be Brave. Be Brilliant. Be Beautiful. Someone is watching you.

Until next time~ Shandra

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  1. Shandra – I love this truth. No matter the preparation or the angst, stumbling still happens and most of the time no one dies 😉 The sooner we are able to move on with a “no big”, the sooner we will be able to stride towards our full potential.

    Potential- the place where abilities, timing, and God’s grace intersect offering a showcase of individual brilliance.

    Once achieved, the bar moves higher, deeper, wider… Always within reach.

    Chasing the moment – Holly

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  2. So thankful indeed for such Truly Wise Friends. Mulling over your comment with it’s layers mixed with cut through it all Truth. Love it. Chase on Friend! Shandra


  3. Great post and advice, Shandra. Winning isn’t measured by a number, it’s measured across a lifetime and the only way we can lose is if we quit… Good for her and you! Those are the things that make a person stronger.


    • Hey there SWM, Kasey! So nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by. It was truly a good reminder & lesson learned for this Ole Gal and the Young One. Thank you for reading this week. Bless you & yours. xox Shandra 🙂


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