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Pen in Hand – In your Heart, In your mind

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Pen in Hand  ” In your Heart, In your mind”
hearts for jesus
You can hear someone say I love You, but you don’t believe.
That’s where the journey begins, I hear it, but am I worthy.
How many wrong decision we can make out of not feeling worthy.
Need to find out where this feeling came from.
Deep inside is a yearning, in a room of emptiness.
There is one who see’s you as much more.
Enough to lay His life down for you.
He couldn’t love you more.
So take a step and walk into.
His arms they are waiting for you.
Worthy is the Lamb, and gently he will lead you through.
“How worthy you are to be deeply loved, He says.
There’s only one place you’ll find true love that’s on the cross where he died for you.
He will draw you in.
” Unconditionally he loves.  ” Worthy “
by Contributing Writer, Kathy Halley 4/1/2014 *all rights reserved
A Soft Gentle Voice

8 Replies to “Pen in Hand – In your Heart, In your mind”

    1. Thanks so much, Echoes. Appreciate your taking time to read and comment. I hopped over to your blog just now. As a hum-a-lonh-er, I’m looking forward to some of your future music posts. Shandra


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