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Keeper of The Truth – Friday Fictioneers

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The flame flicked lower. Faster his quill scratched across parchment.

Wax dripping in time with his tears; the Old Man wrote.


Though it had been decades, he saw her standing there as if yesterday.


In their fury, she’d nearly been stoned. Only his guilt-ridden intervention had spared her.


Or was it her own steadfast Courage?


Thinking now of his complicity.

She’d known.


Her eyes dull towards him. Neither forgiving nor condemning.


Eventually, she’d left the Village. His greatest regret.


A sad-eyed Priest watched,  ‘always they write to right their wrongs.  always too late.’


Aloud, “It’s time”, as The HeadsMan  entered the small cell.



 PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

Photo prompt by our Blog Party hostess- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-

Word Count: 105

Historical Fiction

find out more at: Friday Fictioneers where each week 100 +/- writers around the World use the same photo prompt for an amazing journey into Flash Fiction in 100 +/- words . Click the link above to read or join in.

16 Replies to “Keeper of The Truth – Friday Fictioneers”

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read &comment. She had lost all respect & interest. How do you suppose he faces all those he’s deceived? Village Life for her can certainly never be the same. His loss , too late. Guilt, fear & shame have a way of doing that. Thanks for stopping by. Shandra


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