Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

“In cultivating influence, it is important to always maintain a sense of how you are perceived by others. Some disregard this unwisely.”



The truth is, I want you to like me. I want you to accept me. I want to fit in.

To belong.

Long ago I realized  it was so easy to  move between social groups. A Social Chameleon. I would hear them whisper, “Everyone loves her” .

Chess Club? yep. Hoods? yep. A cheerleader? Yep. The party Girl? Yep, but not like you think. It was good and pure and lovely. I loved everyone and everyone loved me. I listened. They were heard. Protection as a little sister by the upper class. A secure confidante by my peers. Living in a mall town, attending  small schools ,small clubs- everyone knew everyone. Why not get along?

Oh the niavete’.

And there in lies the story. Not- like- you- think.

Easily I’m still able to move about.  The one everyone responds to.

This story could so easily be fluff and surface~but I’m going deeper here. Deep. Deep.

On this journey so many Women. So many hurts, wounds, healings, triumphs.Transparency is the key. Strategic Transparency.

Breathe In . Smile Out. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

My heart is is full of stories of hope. Stories of brave women learning how to use their voices for the first time. A funny things happens when we find our voices: the masks fall off. We no longer need them. Or to hide.


In Light of The Cross.


Everyone loves me, but….well… that one needs to wait for another link up. Too raw yet. It beautiful. It’s raw and it’s real.

You know~ its that time in life when you’ve outgrown your skin. Your feathers. Your nest.Your Life.

But you sooooo want to fit in. How?! You’ve experienced . You’ve tasted. You’ve seen.

How . Do. You. Stay?

You. Want. More.

Already you think you know.  Mistakes made. Foolishly Misjudged. Done.

My Voice comes here. I understand. It took a Woman at  a Well and A Jew called Christ. For most of my lif I’d known of an unspoken ‘Sliding Scale of Sin’ Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

We say ourselves ‘I’m not so bad, at least I didn’t…murder, pillage,steal…” But  we have!


In Light of The Cross


“The outpouring of our stories and how we each are responsible for telling others about the redemptive work Christ has done in our lives because of the pain. ” Jo Ann Fore

God does not want us silenced and put in a corner, we are his sons and daughters. He loves us and wants nothing more than for us to live a fulfilled life. Not hanging hopes on fails or clearly closed doors.  That includes you.


In Light Of The Cross…



Shandra September 2013


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17 Replies to “In Light of The Cross Part 1”

    1. Thanks APW for stopping by and commenting.An interesting pint you’ve made-God opens doors but allows us to choose. If we’ve weighed the positives & the negatives, then decide to close that door ourselves… What do you think?


      1. I think about Jonah and how a true disciple who is submitted to the Lordship of Jesus wants what God wants. But one must get to that place through experience like Jonah did. YES, we have a choice.


    1. Thanks Angie, So agree that God has a plan. Might not be what we had hoped or expected. Sometimes there kept open far too long.Closing doors is always a choice & an option, I think. Thoughts? Thanks for stopping by! Shandra.


  1. I’m next to you at Jennifer’s this week. It’s so wonderful the way God connects us. I still want to be liked by everyone, yet know the truth that the only way to live in peace is to live for the approval of God alone and accept the fact that you’ll never be able to please everyone else.


    1. Yes and Amen Hazel. Thanks for writing part 2 😉 All, AlL. ALL. Have sinned. Only humankind has a sliding scale for sin and we tip that Scale with great authority & detriment. I LOVE your comment above “Let all women find their voice…” Thank you for stopping & commenting this week.


  2. Powerful post, Shandra. “Strategic transparency”, and “the mask falling off”. Those are words of wisdom. From the heart of the one that’s walked the paths, the valleys. Nothing speaks to the heart of another like honesty… designed by our Father.


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