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Pen In Hand- Mother’s Day Blessings- He’s Never Too Late

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Pen in Hand: Words Come Forth-“He’s never too late.”
When you’re driving down the road and you look both ways to cross the tracks and it looks clear and as you cross, look right a big light you see.
The hand of God pulls you clear from the tracks just seconds before a disaster. “He’s never too late.”
 Your first-born fly’s from the seat as you stop in shock and hit’s the dash. Your heart stops. You reach and hold him close. And He say’s , he’s mine, he’s ok. ” He’s never too late.”When you carry your second born and trip on the cobble walk, the carrier in your arms flies and she lands face down, you hear her cry.
Your heart stops you cry out, you run to pick her up and fear she may not be ok. It’s fast yet, seems like slow motion as you pick her up in your arms.
And the Lord says she’s mine, she’s ok. “He’s never too late.”When you see your 3rd and final child in a place that his parents create.
He longs for his dad, yet he is not there. You had something to do with that and your heart breaks. As his parents go their separate ways. Loving this child and yet you can’t fix what’s broken.
As years go by, he marries and then he meets his wife’s father and a new friendship begins.
And the Lord say’s he’s mine, he’s ok.
“He’s never too late”.
Guest Contributor; Kathy Halley 4/5/2014 *all rights reserved*
Blessings to You Single Moms, Married, Widowed & ReMarried Moms.
Blessings! Shandra

22 Replies to “Pen In Hand- Mother’s Day Blessings- He’s Never Too Late”

  1. This was beautiful. God always arrives on time – HIS time. And we who wait for Him will never be disappointed. His faithfulness stands even when we don’t understand…


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  2. This is a wonderful post! How comforting to know that we are all His, and He has everything in His control! I am linking up beside you at Hazel’s link-up. So thankful to have “met” you today!

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    1. Yes and Amen Hazel. And thank YOU for taking time each week to read and comment on each post in your link. It’s very encouraging! Blessings to you and Yours.


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