Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Three feet remaining on the dirt path. I was almost there. Two. One. Foot midair …

“Come any farther and you will die.” For a moment I startled. Stopped. Just for a moment.

Do I have a death wish? Um, No. I’m prepared, though. When it’s time.

Do I have plenty of street smarts? Oh yeah.

I also knew, since clearly there was no one physically present, this familiar dark growl was another Trial.

Most importantly? I know Who’s Got My Back and where I’m Headed On An Escalator Going Up..

That combination gives me the spunk, confidence & Peace to obey. And Courage to Challenge.

Bring It!” loud enough that the Orderly on his smoke break turned. (What? Surely with your place of employment, you’ve seen people talking out loud?!)

Stepping onto the paved path, the Presence of Darkness retreated in an almost visible and very palpable thick fog. The sucked -dry High Desert air, suddenly full of moisture.  With each step translucent Light illuminated the Path.

God had guided this walk. The path this morning was not by chance.


Four or so years ago a 20-something young lady who needed to keep herself safe turned up on my door one lovely Summer evening.  We’d snuggled on the couch, prayed, cried, laughed. Still she was beyond restless and unsettled. She needed help. I’d driven her first to the ER, then here. I’d been inside. I’ve seen.

Returning the next day, instead of safely nestled in the arms of a loving safe, age appropriate-gender divided facility, I’d found her playing checkers with the twin of Charles Manson.  Sadistic. Evil.

Clearly, “Charlie” wasn’t happy with my interference. Asked about his presence here, he shared proudly, he’d had a little run in with the law. Pressing him, he admitted he’d tried to kill his mother. My young friend sat, stunned.

Sitting next to her on the couch, he  across the table, hands on knees ensuring I saw his tattooed knuckles; each one with a letter spelling explicit derogatory  action words specifically, violently against Women.  (this is not it-)

photo: lastsparrowtattoo_com

“I see it”.  I finally said. “So?”

“Creepy arent’ I?” Smiling.


As my young friend left to lay down,  he suddenly began quoting Scripture then just as suddenly declared he was the Christ. Son of Man. On and on.

I let him.

Dealt with his type before? Many times. The more the Evil Narcissist thinks you’re entranced, the grander they become. The ‘easier’ they are to trip up. And the more dangerous.

Meeting his half-lidded reptilian, bloodshot gaze. I listened to that growly voice.

Pointing out a few of his ‘flaws’, I rose to leave. He’d not given me permission to leave he said-so side by side he walked toward the door growling about what he was going to do to me….and her, if we didn’t believe.




Whirling on him, I said I KNEW what Christ looked , smelled and sounded like and IT  WAS NOT HIM.

“Jesus also said ‘Get behind me SATAN’ and I say it Now. You Are Not Jesus Christ.”


This morning God took me down the path He’d prepared. The Path of remembrances, strength building, Faith reBuilding. Faith in myself, and Him.

The Journey, most of which I’ve not chosen but has been thrust upon me, Good & Bad.

Still, I have a place in His Kingdom building no matter how messed up or foolish I’ve ever been. Because He says so. You do, too.

HE brought me out today, in the longest Prayer Walk in over a Year, to remind me of a Calling. Anointing.

For such a time as this…again…


Are you ready for Revival?

Until next time, Shandra

May 10, 2014

This is shared at~~~Tell Me A True Story – 

(Side Note_ I did call one of the Nurses aside before I left, talked with the desk staff on my way out voicing my concerns for her safety and his sanity. asking he be separated at least from all the Women. Since all patients were all there mostly ‘voluntarily’ (clearly in this case to avoid jail) there was ‘nothing they could do’. My friend was watched closely until her release while I watched over my shoulder for many weeks after. He was sent to Hospital under ‘doctors supervision’ because his mother wouldn’t press charges. )

6 Replies to “It Took So Long”

    1. Yes, indeed! Happy to report she is well happy & thriving today. God id Good, All the time.Thanks for stopping by Lisa! See ya over at #TellMwATrueStory shortly. 🙂


  1. Our old enemy is clever and even deludes those with simple minds to think strange thoughts. I am glad your friend was aware this man was not so good company and that she is doing well. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”


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