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Pen In Hand – by Kathy Halley

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Lifted up, it’s not a dream.
Heaven bound, hear the angels sing.
Open arm’s that reach for you.
Welcome home, this is the place I prepared for you.
Twinkle in your eye, smile on your face, now I know i’m in the right place.
Come near I have so much to share.
A life eternal.
No hurry you see.
” Youre home with me”
 *All Rights reserved 4/14/2014*

4 Replies to “Pen In Hand – by Kathy Halley”

  1. All I can truly hope for is that that He will be coming soon. Many have wanted to see, say and have this for centuries and generations and thousands of years… and we are still here waiting for Him as others did. IF He had come earlier, we wouldn’t even be alive or in this situation, but we wouldn’t know it. Hmm!! Much has changed, obviously. But I want HIM SOON!! So much sinfulness is exploding around and about the world more quickly. Hearts are filled with sorrow. Bless you. Thanks for sharing.


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