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In Light of The Cross Part 2 The Sliding Scale Of Sin

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“I was attempting to get my life right with God and stumbling along the path.”


As a child she learned about the right kind of people. Who to be, how to dress, what to say, who to avoid, what clothes to wear, what not to wear (who knew there would be a popular TV show decades later?)

It really made no sense that she was to judge someone based on certain vague criteria such as where they lived, who they came from or what color their skin.



Some one who simply wore high heels with her Capris, was ‘one of those’ women. Or a certain type of man was an ‘Odd Uncle’.

How do you know? and what does that mean? She begged to have an explanation. To Understand The Rules.

Then she learned of The Sliding Scale. Eureka! The Double Standard ! So that’s how they did it.

One was to add the weightiness of such things as perceived social or moral offenses.

If they were ‘worse’ than yours (whew) you could feel good about yourself. If not, well huff & puff to deflect that point.

Living in a family or culture that looked none too closely at their own Sin, it was quite confusing . But she was a quick learner.



You know. You’ve used it, too. Many of you still apply it today. Here’s the thing. Once I met Christ I knew I’d been washed. It never occurred to me. Never. That i was viewed  as Less Than. or that there would be opportunities to perpetuate that view.

In Light of The Cross.
Or someone who would allow that view to continue without correcting it with the Truth. Silly me.

In Light Of The Cross.

My Life as seen through the Filter of yours may, or may not, be as Righteous as reported.

My Life as seen through my Filter may, or may not, be as despicable as reported.

My Life & Yours, as seen through the Filter of Christ is despicable, dirty & filthy. Even if you’ve been so lucky as to have done nothing more than spit. Which is disgusting, by the way.

In Light of The Cross.

So often in these very pages I’ve written & talked about heads turning. Silly me. Thinking it was because of the Authority, Anointing, Influence, Prosperity and Courage. Alas, through my Filter alone. Arrogance? No. Naivety.

In Light Of The Cross

It never occurred to me you stared, avoided, nodded ‘knowingly’  or whispered all these years because you & your people saw me as  The Samaritan Woman at the Well  or  The Sinful Woman at His Feet..  

In Light of The Cross.


Image by Junsjazz
Image by Junsjazz


Shandra White Harris, February 8th, 2013

Coming soon In Light of The Cross Part 3.

In Light of The Cross Part 1

~~~Finished. ~~~~

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