Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


Pausing at the midway mark, the Mountains bathed in sunlight.

Looking around, breathing in the spectacular view.

Wait? Why had I never noticed before?

Three sets of Two. One in each set bathed in sunlight, its twin cast in shadow.

” Up, Daughter.” So up went I.

“I’ve something to show you.”

To the East, the sunlight disappeared behind a cloud. Isn’t that the way I feel sometimes? When God feels so far away. So distant.

Turning to  the Mountains to the West, while the Sun was hidden behind the Clouds, imagine my delight that all six were drenched in sunlight!

photo by Albert Bierstadt
photo by Albert Bierstadt

What a fitting lessons for a Kingdom Child, to whom at times it seems as if  The Valley Of the Shadow stretches on and on. It’s those very times my own Mountain Tops will shine the brightest and where The Lord is waiting,

For Me.

And you.

Just ask Him.

Until next time, Shandra


Mountain Top by Kim Clement:

Speak to The Mountain, Your Mountain will be removed.

I’m gonna to take it by My Praise, I’m gonna take it with My Faith,

That Mountain is MINE!

I’m gonna take it with Your Word,

The Promise is Mine! ,


May 16, 2014


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8 Replies to “The Valley of The Shadow”

  1. Speaking to mountains will cause some people to wonder about your sanity, but those who act in faith will find that mountain removed and only the sun (SON) shining. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”


  2. Yes, I’m a mountain addict. I always think of how the Lord is breaking through to us through them. The mountains have been considered gods by groups of people who have lived near them, and, yet, HE has now broken through many more times to convince people that He created it, in one way or another, and that He is in control. Mount Rainier and Mount Hood are my favorites. They always make me filled with rejoicing. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I always wanted to live surrounded by mountains for they make me feel safe for some reason. Today we live in California surrounded, yes by mountains. There is a group of people in Mexico that live on the tallest mountain range. Because of it they think they are the closest to God. A dear couple we know went years ago to learn their language and culture and tell them about the God who created the mountains. Enjoyed your post.


  4. coming over from the wellspring today. love it when God speaks through nature. love it even better when I slow down to see it. amazing art. blessings, linda


    1. So sorry for the late response. I happened upon your comment which had been sent to the ‘spam’ file. 😦 Thank you for stopping by here Linda. Love your blog, by the way!


  5. I love mountains as much as I love the sea. Such an inspiring and encouraging post dear Shandra! I am stopping by from Word Filled Wednesday! Thank you for sharing. Blessings xxx


    1. Natasha, I truly adore the Ryhthm of the Ocean. As a girl I wished to be a Mermaid. Now a mountain dweller but only 3 hours +/- from the seashore. Thanks for stopping by!


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