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Unencumbered Acceleration for Monday Motivation

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The other day I hopped over  Here .

In the first few sentences, Tracy  reminds us that it’s normal for Life to, at times, feel like shifting sand.

Totally normal! It’s the foundation on which we’ve built that makes ALL the difference during those times of sifting-i mean shifting.

She reminded me of My Word.

Beginning 2014 with worries, cares and baggage & lots of wonderings. Anyone?
Beginning 2014 with worries, cares and baggage & lots of wonderings. Anyone?








You know. That One Word thing.

Unencumbered. Insert-> Deep. Cleansing. Sigh. <-Here.

Then a few months ago He Whispered…Acceleration.



Insert->White knuckled ride<-Here.


Unencumbered Acceleration ?

None of your  baggage.  None of your expectations.


What if for this moment in this Season waking every morning to say “Here I Am, send me”.

And He does?

Washed White as Snow. #WithHeartWideOpenMinistries
Washed White as Snow. #Unencumbered #Acceleration








Until next time, reminding you that if Life is not shifting – you’re likely not Living.


April 7, 2014
Do you have a Dream or Hope that you’re waiting on God to accelerate? Or perhaps you have people who won’t let go even after a deal breaker?***

I’d love to hear about it the comment box below. Share your knowledge and Story?

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