Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

In the midst of a lovely Holiday weekend exploring, yesterday held a lovely little laugh, in a lovely little venue, with a Lovely Little Lady.

By ‘little’ I mean petite. Make no mistake: Patricia, is a high-profile, Powerhouse of Purpose.

My intent?  Meeting over dinner or coffee to encourage her. She accepted.

Stepping into the Coffee and Crepe House I felt the tightening in my shoulders as everyone turned. A few moments later Ms P arrived in her sunny yellow and navy ensemble, all smiles with a small hint of tension around her smiling eyes. Always gracious, elegant, classy & forthright, Patricia had won my respect the first time we met eight or so months ago.

We chatted over coffee and a file folder way too thick. Commiserating and encouraging one another over the hard work (mostly she) had done in the past 6 months.

In just a moment everything changed, when she almost verbatim repeated a conversation we’d had months ago in which I’d shared new Life changes: sold my home, downsized, renting, increased travel…F.U.N.

Patricia paid the sincerest compliment possible by remembering a conversation we’d had. She’d listened.  We laughed, we joked. We’re serious about Life and Living it well. We parted both lighter, our shoulders loosened, our eyes, rather than pressure, crinkled with laughter.

I’d been intent on encouraging her but me thinks I was the unintentional winner.

Laughter! Truly The Best Medicine. Coffee n Crepes can’t hurt, either.

Until next time, Shandra


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6 Replies to “Laughter, The Best Medicine”

    1. Thank YOU Hazel for always being so gracious with your feedback and taking time to Welcome each contributor every week. It was a sweet time of new friends. Bless you, indeed.


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