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A Funny Thing Happened in The Drive Through

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Spending a lovely peaceful Memorial Day weekend in a lovely Sweet sleepy little town. It’s a place so small one can walk everywhere, yet just big enough no one knows you if you wish to be Incognito.

Walking one end to the other inhaling the Beauty of Spring, encountering dozens of bored youth, (one of the reasons I left the  lovely Sweet sleepy little town of my youth to raise my boys in the Big City in the High Desert.)
But, I digress.







Sunday morning found me across the window from a woman about my age.  Concerned about the Ace bandage covering most of her left forearm,  I inquired of her injury.

She rolled her eyes saying it wasn’t an injury -it covered the Tatoo she wasn’t allowed to display.


Not wanting to assume the worst (which I did…come on now… if McDonald’s finds it offensive you’d be curious, too),  I of course, Googled and Yahoo’d the subject.

As you can well expect there were a wide array of conversations on this subject, especially about what’s ‘offensive’.

Then I  came across this guy:

'My weirdest tatto yet'.
‘My weirdest tattoo yet’.










Teen With McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo 

Perhaps he hopes this will make him more employable? And is this one McDonald’s would allow to remain uncovered?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I could expound on my thoughts of how thankful at 55  I haven’t made any unsavory or weird Tattoo choices (yet).

Or about how thankfully I’m not doing the hourly shift in the drive through (anymore).
Or thankful I’m not living in Hoboken.

But I won’t.

What was I doing @ McDonald’s, you ask? Don’t judge, I reply.


Until next time, Shandra


3 Replies to “A Funny Thing Happened in The Drive Through”

  1. What would need ot be covered? My girls think so far tatoos are dumb because when they are old will it look saggy? Yes, we do have those type of conversations. And I wondered, how hygienic can an ace bandage be?


    1. Linda , you are so right on. Good job on conversation w/your daughters. Christ covers all things but there are still the signs of a few youthful poor choices. All of these you mention cross my mind (usually when I think of getting a tat or piercing myself) & truth is the bandage was discolored, tattered & worn. Ugh. But that’s another postThanks for stopping by.


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