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Pomp, Circumstance & Coeds for Friday Fictioneers

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Friday Fictioneers – one ever changing photo prompt, 100+/- Words, 100+/- Writers, 100+/- stories.

Today: 99 Words

Flash Fiction based on the photo prompt below. Please check out some of the other stories in the Collection. You’ll be glad you did.

photo by Jennifer Pendergast
photo by Jennifer Pendergast

Perspiration dripping, she took the steps two at a time. Running to an unheard rhythm. Her Dad’s office somewhere at ‘The Tower Top’. The pinnacle of his career “Posh & Circumstance with a whole lotta pomp” she and her brother joked. She silently adding ‘ and Co-eds”. Still didn’t make him come home. Still didn’t pay the bills. They went without electricity and water but often with bill collectors pounding on the door. He gambling, drinking, carousing. She froze at the top step. Digging through the trash for bottles and cans was her Mom. She ran on to an unheard rhythm.


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20 Replies to “Pomp, Circumstance & Coeds for Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Dear Shandra,

    This seems to be a horrid family situation. Nice that she and her brother could joke in the midst of it.

    I did find some things confusing. The use of the number 2 instead of two took me out. Why is “The Top” capitalized? “He gambling, drinking, carousing,” Not sure who he is.

    I’m confused.




    1. Thanks Rochelle. This posted version is a revision so I hadn’t noticed yet. I’ll fix that. 🙂 Thanks you for your continued feedback and hostessing us at @ #Friday Fictioneers, Shalom!


    1. Ah, and there Alice is the question, isn’t it? 😉 and why there- on the campus under her husbands Pinnacle Tower window , so to speak. where his-her Constituents will recognize her. Hm.


    1. Oh. Good point. Implying that all the success, culmination to his Grand career additional money didn’t add a desire to be with or share it with his family.


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