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Indentured in Hoboken The Shoe Makers Wife

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So many Immigrants  came to this Great Land for a better life. Unfortunately, for most it was just barely better than the familiar one they’d left.

Indentured  1. immigrant working as unpaid servant: an immigrant to North America between the 17th and 19th centuries who contracted to work for an employer for a number of years in exchange for passage and accommodation.

Often times even at the end of their time when they should be released they weren’t.  Often times they left their servitude worse than when they arrived. While reading The Shoemaker ’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani in audio version the deep richness of the story is coming to life with the inflections, accents & music. The characters’ are richly loyalty, quick to betray and persistently Courageous.

Today, the hard working, obedient Enza finally has escaped the Adams Street family who ‘sponsored’ her. Her new American friend Laura, a right fine -street wise, say-what-she-thinks (& feels) Irish-American-New Jersey Gal tells her friend, Enza, months later to ‘lighten up’.  “You’ve left Adams Street but you keep living like an Indentured Servant.”

These two have just come into the jobs of their dreams: Seamstresses at The Metropolitan Opera. With Caruso. Yet for a time, Enza remained empty.

How many of us have done the same?

We’ve been freed. We’ve closed the Door. (or had the Door closed for/on us) yet there you are! Bearing the weight of the World. Joyless. Beaten up (again or still). Crawling right back under that basket to Hide.

Your. Light.

Failing To Thrive.


remember that Word. It’s a good one.

(oh and this based on a True Story? It’s a good one too. Well worth the read.)



Hoboken? Just seemed fitting, that’s all. (read the book & you’ll get it.)

Until next time, Shandra

May 16, 2014

How about it? Thoughts on this book?

Have you seen the movies?

Any other GoodReads You’d care to share? —>


One week from today The Blog will spend some time looking at other indentured peoples and ways you can help.

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