Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

What is that you live & breath to do?

What is that drives you?

Your passion, purpose?



Could be its Your Calling and Purpose.


What has God done in, through, to & for you to bring you to this place?

Right here. Right Now. Today.


Could be it’s Your Calling and Purpose.

Will you allow it to be used for the Goodness & Growth to others?

Strategically, ‘Bare all’ so to speak?


These next few weeks’ posts  I’d like to introduce  (or reacquaint) you with some folks who continue to step out. Allowing God to use the tough times to mold them more like His Son &  teaching others about His Unending Love along the way. Their stories will inspire, anger, offend and bring you to tears. People, just like us. Stories just like ours.

Each of them have Two things universally in common. They choose to make telling their stories bring Glory to God and The finished work of The Cross.

Right here. Right Now. Today.


Come back by when you can and tell us some of Your Story. Leave a comment. Leave your Link so we can find you again.

I’ll be happy you did.


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2 Replies to “Relatable You”

  1. “Allowing God to use the tough times to mold them more like His Son…” I’ve been struggling with the “allowing.” To accept the tough times as GIFTS from His hand to make me more like Him. Longing to relinquish all my control. Thank you, Shandra.

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    1. Yes, indeed Trudy! It’s difficult on the best of days to lay it down & let go the control. Praying for you and myself in that area. Thank you for stopping by & being truly relatable. 🙂


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