First Class Revenge of the First Wife Friday FIctioneers

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS |  One ever changing weekly photo prompt, 100+/- Words, 100+/- Writers, 100+/- Stories. Loads of creative fun! Click on the links above or below for details, read the Collection or make a literary contribution. My own begins below the photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple for her continued efforts for Friday Fictioneers.

Flash Fiction Word Count:  120

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Her sights were set on the house with the swimming pool, two little towheads & the unfortunate (minor) detail of a first wife.

“First wife is a mouse”, he’d promised. “She’ll just roll over.” A (current) wife had never been a deterrent before. For either of them.

Selfish & shortsighted, they plotted their coup.  

First wife never rolls over. For anyone.

Instead, First Wife walked away with the coveted house, pool & little towheads. Her determination deep.

While here she sat, in a damp rented hovel, gaming with her latest ‘catch’.

In First Class, (former) First Wife, Champagne bubbles tickling her nose, chuckled at how “perfectly suited those two are” & how beneficial that folks always underestimate her.


Whew, I had way too much fun with this little bit- o- ‘Fiction’, still feedback always welcome! Until then, Cheers!  champagne_for_2 Shandra 😉

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    • Perhaps a bit. 🙂 It made sense at the writing time, if you know….The First Wife getting her first person on, until she’s truly flying First Class, all cozy in CaPiTaLs. Thanks for reading and commenting.(i think I corrected them all) Loved yours! He++ hath no fury (or revenge) like those misrepresented & betrayed. Very good. 🙂


    • Thanks Friend Kat! As is yours! We’re getting better all the time, eh? 😉 I appreciate your time to read and comment. xox Stay tune readers for a new Pen In Hand post by The Lovely, Inspiring (and did I mention s-i-n-g-l-e?) Ms Kathy.


  1. You did have fun, didn’t you! It feels, at times, like a size 12 squeezed into a size 8 pair of jeans (that’s British sizing 🙂 ), but in a good way, expertly done. I loved ‘in First Class, (Former) First Wife chuckled…’
    Great fun!


    • Thanks for the feedback! You put it into words exactly. This clearly had many layers, much more detail and even has several option endings. One of which goes something like “how silly to have been so shortsighted not to see First Wife’s next tell-all Bestseller or Made for TV Movie” coming. 🙂 Yes indeed, trying to find a comfortable ‘fit’ for a Size 12 Gal-er story- in a size 8 world. Dilemma!


  2. Dear Shandra – Excellent revenge story! Miss Wannabe got what she deserves – nothing. How funny to foil their plot! Excellent story, congratulations! Nan 🙂


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