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Oregon’s House of Engedi Today! Grand Opening Celebration

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Last Wednesday I mentioned your story is what we relate to:  draws me in, repels me, brings compassion and tears, laughter and joy to my listening ears. Today is the first of a few stories in the series. Pull up your cozy chair, coffee or Sweet Tea. Sip, sit a spell. Listen with your Heart. You’ll be glad you did.


“Together We Can Bring About Change” The Heart of this Amazing Journey and House of Hope. When first I dug into human trafficking I was slapped in the face by the glaring gaping holes in our ‘system’.

1. The victims are usually the ones punished. (surprise) At least by the then existent laws.

2. The victims usually have no where else to go so feel they have no choice but to return, (surprise)

3. Not one place existed that understood the severe needs of those abused and especially sex trafficked victims.

The House of Engedi is the first Safe House in the State Of Oregon for adults escaping human sex trafficking.

Jennifer Unangst, Founder, has an amazing story to share of her own journey. Watch her here on The 700 Club – recorded February 2014.

“Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. We’re helping to solve this problem together.”

“We’re solving the domestic human trafficking problem in the Northwest together.” This has been an amazing effort come to fruition.

Find out how you can take action. Still many items would be greatly appreciated if you’d care to help.

From an email (and their website) referring to the Open House today in Corvallis, OR:

“Gifts for the house are welcome, but certainly not necessary. We are simply delighted to celebrate with you during this time of joy! If you would like to bring a gift, please view our Target registry for our current needs.” (you can donate on-line).

House of Engedi | A Safe House for Adult Victims of Sex Trafficking…

There are many ways to be involved from joining in FUN fund raising music events to Volunteer Training (this coming week:) Tue, June 10, 2014 at 06:00 PM ·


This will be a required training for everyone interested in joining their team of compassionate volunteers! During this training the following topics will help prepare you to serve the residents:

  • Human Trafficking 101
  • An introduction to our program and the house policies & procedures
  • Dealing with difficult residents
  • De-escalation tactics
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Emergency Situation

Check their website, read their blog. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter @Houseofengedi.

At the end of this post you’ll find the body of an email from the Director. It’s included  so you’ll know why I encourage you to support this project. Organized, well thought out, phases & stages. Supporting Success is not a program it is a Life Mission.^^^

Investigate human trafficking. It occurs in Nigeria and  it’s right In Our Backyard, too.

Donate some time, $, prayers, hugs, laughter. You’ll be happy you did.

Tomorrow, Human Trafficking 101 on The Central Oregon High Desert & a snapshot look at another Powerhouse who’s worked tirelessly to change laws and the Lives of victims.

Until then,


Dear House of Engedi Supporter,^^^

I am beyond excited to announce we have accepted the first survivor into our long-term restorative care program. Praise God with us! This has been a day we have worked incredibly hard to get to, and now the fun really starts.

We are starting with what we’re calling a “soft” opening. Hoping to get the kinks worked out in our program, and still needing to add a Respite Care Provider to our team, we will start with one survivor before opening our program to those on our waiting list. We feel this approach will best ensure our program, volunteers, and staff are best equipped to serve women in desperate need of hope and restoration.

The decision to start with a soft opening was not an easy one. In the work we do there is a very present tension. On the one hand, the need for this type of facility in our state is so great that it demands an extraordinary sense of urgency. Yet at the same time, we must labor to ensure we are sufficiently ready to responsibly and effectively handle the complexities inherent in such a challenging endeavor. It is in this tension that we daily seek God’s guidance, wisdom, and provision, knowing that apart from him we can do nothing.

Living in this tension, we recognize there are so many more challenges ahead of us – so many more battles to be fought for the sake of the women we will serve. Mistakes will be made, obstacles will be overcome, yet in the midst of it all we must hold fast to the reality that God is in control and has an unstoppable plan to make all things new. I believe God is inviting each of us to participate in the great work He is doing in our country and around the world. For us here at House of Engedi, there is nothing else we’d rather do. 

What this means for our faithful volunteers

Because we are waiting a bit longer to move in residents, volunteers who are scheduled for teaching, respite, or life skills mentor will not be needed just yet. Thank you for your patience as we strive to ensure we are truly ready when we open our doors! Once we are ready, and have move in dates for the survivors on our waiting list, we will begin scheduling volunteers for these roles. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. 

Learn more about how you can take action.

Help us make our house a home by giving a donation or house warming gift.

Our Grand Opening Celebration is just around the corner! RSVP online and let us know you will be celebrating with us.

Josh Armentano
Executive Director

House of Engedi 
P.O Box 2468 | Corvallis, OR 97339 

5 Replies to “Oregon’s House of Engedi Today! Grand Opening Celebration”

  1. Don’t want to bug you, but this was one of my blog posts and you’d definitely understand. I could tell you much personally, but can’t say it all on here. Other pieces. It would be too shocking. And, in the post, I think I say I was on my way to Oregon from St. Louis, and heading to Bend. Very important, significant, and the Lord protected me that time. Anyhow, just dropping it on you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joanne, thank you for posting and sharing. Your story and other is what makes us sit up and take notice. It is not only happening in some far off country of which we have no influence… Sex trafficking, servitude, domestic-labor slavery- child prostitution happens RIGHT HERE. You & I know how truly fortunate you are that you are here to tell this story. “Two options’ do the job or be dead” Pretty much sums up the reality that many a young girl (and boy) face. Thankful for a Protector that nudged us both, even when we didn’t yet know. Bless you indeed blogging Sister. 🙂 Shandra


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