Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Summer is here!

(At this writing it’s 61 degrees)


(Tomorrow it’s 64)

I’m headed to find it.

(Destination weekend weather: 91 degrees) (correction-111 degrees what was I thinking?!)

This is a little Thank You to a growing interactive Blogging Community. I very much appreciate your input, feedback & interaction.  Whilst I’m out and about chasing the perfect Summer Vacay, the series will continue.  It began with Relatable YouHave you ever been deemed ‘Damaged Goods’? Trash? Felt less than? Abused? Betrayed? Addicted? Neglected? Abandoned?

Join us here. Tell your story. Strategically. tell-your-story.withheartwideopenorg The next weeks’ posts will introduce  (or reacquaint) you with some folks who continue to step out. Allowing God to use the tough times to mold them more like His Son &  teaching others about His Unending Love along the way.


Their stories will inspire, anger, offend and bring you to tears. People, just like us. Stories just like ours. Many of the people sharing these stories I know personally. I’ve seen their pain, witnessed the heartache. Some of the story I never knew. Until now.


Sharing your Story is not taken lightly nor is it to be shared with everyone. It’s YOUR Story. It’s what makes You, YOU and me, ME. The stories of hurt children who finally found The Healer.


Thank you for sharing your journey and as one of the next contributors, Dwaine Casmey put it Telling our story is not to live in the past but step into”Our responsibility to encourage and point the way to the Healer.”


Amen, Brother.


Until next time, ‘On The Road Again’ Shandra

The Social Scene -(often linking here)

Check out these very brave Communities I’ve told you about before who are turning their pain to stories of Hope & Purpose:

S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries

Brave Girl Community

The B Note

When a Woman Finds Her Voice

Do you have some of your own favorite communities? Please let us all know by adding the link in the comment space below. Promote yourself! Someone needs to hear it. Guaranteed. It’s the point of our stories. Guaranteed.

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