Messages In A Bottle


Washing up on her very own shore

Unasked, unbidden, random

Notes of Hope?

Those messages in a bottle.

She’d held a few

Close to her heart

Keeping in mind

Simple Messages in a Bottle.

So long ago and far away,

The bottle dim with silt.

The meaning long since  lost .

She’s forgotten those messages in a bottle.

Like her, now worn, fragile and grey

The flame danced in time

With her now free heart

burning his memory away

And the messages in a bottle.

shandra white harris

Always she’s  been Gods Shining Light. He, simply another in a circle of moths, fluttering in the shadows, attracted by Her Flame.

no hard feelings…? Right.

…simply NO feelings.

Each time she’s  healed and happy…like a moth annoying & irritating , too close to the Fire, too long in the shadows, you’re long forgotten dead to me. yet continually you heap fresh condemnation and guilt. pile humiliation anew with your shameful, shamefilled secret attempts.

Making her feel dirty and shamed all over again.

End Of Story.


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