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That Time We took The Red Eye – She Speaks 2014

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You may have heard me mention this guy once or twice. God. The Great IAM. I love Him. He Loves Me.

I had no intention of going back. But when the Lover of My Heart speaks. I Listen. “Go”  He said.


We went.

Spring Planning
Spring Planning

Starbucks. The great Think Tank…. Finalizing plans. My Sweet Friend finalizing other plans.. My heart breaking with hers. Her Sweet duckies. Her Life. Her hopes. Falling apart before our eyes. Again.

I’d just been to her lovely, lovely home. Her touches everywhere. We knew our paths had crossed for a reason, so long ago.

Now. Again.

“Go” said IAM.

We went.

Red Eye Gals
Red Eye Gals Selfie July 22, 2014 Instagram @shandra__lee

We arrived.

I?…. Amazed. Nothing like the previous year.

Where the focus had been platform building. Networking. Promoting SELF.

Things had changed. C-H-A-N-G-E-D.

photo 3
Christine & Lysa @SheSpeaks2014  Instagram @shandra__lee

God. Was. Welcome. GOD was PROMOTED.

May I just shout “Hallelujah!!!!” ?

Now don’t get me wrong- self promotion is THE purpose of She Speaks Conference.

But somewhere between 2013-2104, Lysa Terkeurst had a close encounter and as I can personally confess— when God’s Holy Spirit shows up E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G  changes.


This Woman brings it____


My Lovely Friend, Miss Andrea and I had a lovely weekend. We prayed. We played. We stayed up w-a-y- too late chatting. I even let her take a photo…


We cried. We made new friends.

Both starting New Chapters in our New Lives. Throwing off Regrets. There’ve been a few. No More dwelling on those!!! 🙂

Hop on over to her blog @  sevensevenatseven . You’ll be happy you did.

Until Next Time,

be Blessed- Be A Blessing.



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