Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

“Why are the streets empty this time of morning? Score! a parking spot right in front of my building, downtown at this time of morning? I’ts going to be a great day”

Taking the few steps down I opened the creaky wooden door to no one. A low voice stage right, back toward the storage room we affectionately called ‘Miss Piggy’s, a radio voice whispered.

Stage left, like an old movie, a really bad old movie, two women huddled around  a small radio. Flickering with the flourescent lights overhead, my storytelling mind had the thought “a scene from a WW2 movie, make that Orson WellesWar of the Worlds. But. They. Were. Crying.

“What in the World?…”



Back in my interim tiny upstairs apartment, alone I, like so many of you, watched. Over. and Over.

The silence over my own usually bustling city, surreal.

Questioned. Cried. Prayed.

Should I race to get my sons from school? Were they safer there?

What about my friends and family on the East Coast? What about their friends and families?

Was this really The End?


I learned again that day to say what you need to say . Because it will be too late.

I learned again  that day life is a short and precious commodity. Invest each moment Wisely.

I learned again ‘that day  the beauty & strength of Compassionate Community. Not only of the dedicated and courageous First Responders, but the everyday folks who opened their homes and lives to the thousands in distress.

I learned again that day there are some things to never forgive and forget. (forgive yes, other wise I’m chained forever to you or your actions. forget? no. never. otherwise I’m doomed to folly in the false hopes you’ll change. no. never. Forget.)

 The World changed that day. Heaven cried, again. Jesus wept at the brutality of Man, again. And the United States was attacked on our own shores.

There are some who claim to be “allies or friends” who are better left at arms, length. How quickly some forget.  Just saying.

Ground Zero in New York 090911 XXXX Pb Rod Case NO BYLINE PLEASE XXXX

What is your memory? Where were you? What were you doing?

How did you feel? I know you remember. Every thought and emotion.

What about today? We’d love to hear.


Be blessed today Readers and Friends.

Shandra White Harris

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4 Replies to “We Shall Not Forget! (right?)”

  1. Remembrances are good. They help us keep our eyes open to the many gifts, seen and unseen, swirling in and out of our days. My Brother and Sister-in-law both work in the city. One in the North Tower and one in Rockafeller plaza. We had just moved into our first home the day before, and as I sat on the cold hardwood floor, my eyes glued to the horrific scene playing out on the television, the cable guys were tromping in and out getting us all hooked up. Each one, slowly, stopped and came and sat down on either side of me. I was crying. I was clutching the phone, waiting to get some word that my 9 month pregnant SIL was okay. That my BIL was okay. They held my hand and waited with me – for 5 hours!!! Five hours of their day, they gave up until finally my MIL called to say that my SIL had braxton hicks contractions that morning, so both she and my BIL were safely at home. Praise God! His mercies never cease to amaze me.

    We were the lucky ones.

    I know that full well.

    I can’t forget all of those who got calls saying quite the opposite.

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    1. We ARE the lucky ones, Sweet Friend. Truly, wonderfully blessedly Lucky. So glad to hear all our In Laws were safely out of harms way and what a story to recall of God’s miraculous hand on your little Niece (or nephew). Thanks Missy. xox


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