Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Cruising right along . A spring once again in her step. This Fall was really looking great. So many new adventures & opportunities. Including New Learning.  One of the nourishings to her very Soul.

A sweet time in her Life. Happy, healthy, whole. Confident. Uncomplicated.

The first weekend after class, gathering for pizza and beer. Building camaraderie. Connection. One of the nourishings to her very Soul. Next day in lovely sunshine they strolled the streets of the small community, part of the Leadership Learning.

SIghing, she drank it all in. Knowing it was not to be. That morning looking around the table she saw the faces of young (ok young-er) folks eager to be there…had to be there. Already knowing what they wish to be when they grow up. So much work she thought ticking off all the other fun  interests she had in full swing right. Now.


Her mind was foggy with the thought of all she had, and desired,  to do. then investing Two Years of this particular coursework?

She didn’t need this degree.  She already had three.

Her head swimming …”perhaps this is too much work…the question kept slipping in…”Do you want to do it the hard way?”….”What do you really want, Daughter?”

What she really wanted was…What did she really want? Where did she want to be in Two Years?

Week three of this brand new school year dawning bright, crisp, clear. Yet, everything that had been clickety clacketing along so smoothly, came to a grinding halt. Pressure turned stress. Stress through the roof. Exhaustion. Stumbling home at 6:00, up to bed at 8:00 pm. Already behind in so many ways in and she hadn’t been out socially all week . That, my friends, will never do. 🙂

She went


The immense burden of  finding herself once again in the position of ‘doing it all’. There are Seasons in Life when this just is. But this time she had a choice.

God in His wisdom had already Whispered for this New Season –




Four letter Words in our Society of hurry up. In a culture where doing it the hard way somehow became the norm. Where if we have any ‘free’ time we must be a slacker. Work. Work. Work.




Drafting her letter to withdraw, her head cleared, the pressure gone. The Hand of Father God patting her softly, “Well done, Daughter”.

Nap Like A Girl.
Nap Like A Girl.

I’m happy to report our gal immediately lost 8 pounds (unhappily, gained 16 with the ensuing great Cookie Caper …but that’s another {Yummy} story) Every weekend she’s down for a lovely little short nap & invests energy with friends, family, Faith. The spring is back in her step , (well except for those cookie thighs) and she’s engaged in Life, once again pursuing the Passions of her Heart. The nourishings to her very Soul.

Cookie Caper with Caterer, Baker & Friend, Marlene Rose. resistance is futile...
Cookie Caper with Caterer, Baker & Friend, Marlene Rose. resistance is futile…

Play, Pray, Rest.

Balance. Nourishes her very Soul.

Pray, Play, Rest.

How about you? What have you given up, taken up, or kept intact to maintain your Peace, Balance & Harmony? If you’re still thinking about doing it, now just might be the Season…Wher will you find yourself in two years? Two weeks?

Until next time, Be a Blessing & be Blessed indeed.


This post is inking with the Lovely Folks over at True Stories Party. Another nourishment to her Soul. Hop over and join in. You’ll be happy you did.


11 Replies to “Tilt and Other Four Letter Words”

    1. Dear Gretchen! Thank you so much for stopping by. You made my Friday even lovelier. You and yours are some of the very Friendlies I’d love to to see very soon. xox


    1. Friend Kathy, You can always see right through to the Heart of the Matter. Over our Seasons, we’ve heard God say either road is right or not that road, but how often do we hear God saying “PLEASE take the easy road”? Or is it that we Humans don’t Believe God would work that way? Indeed He can and does. Bless you indeed. Looking forward to spending time with you VERY soon 🙂 xox


  1. As always, Shandra I enjoy your writing and writing style. Interesting, a recent minor surgery has “forced” me to be present, in the moment, home, in bed most of the time for 3 weeks now. Lord, I am not an idle person and to “be” with me in this state has been quite challenging, met initially with denial: “Oh, I will be up and about within a week”. Not so, then resistance: “Surely I can push through even though I’m told it will take another several weeks” No so. And finally, gradually, some acceptance: “I am not superhuman. I am human.” Thank you, Shandra. xoxo Karen


    1. Oh Karen Dear Heart, it is so nice to hear from you! I’m so sorry you’ve been slowed down due to this. After I read your comment early this morning- I walked in the Fall Air thinking about your (self)revelations & acceptance…and my own. For me it’s been the balance of doing it all forever, myself, learning it’s ok to ask for help, knowing when I need help & lately feeling that it’s ok to be with someone to share the “slack” or pressure. Who knew?
      When I fractured my ankle awhile back, I couldn’t believe how long I had to be still, be down, realizing- ACCEPTing it was not a ‘push through the pain’ Season. I think you’re onto something, Friend. The Gift of Just Being..Present..&..Human.God is good that way, ya know? 🙂 xox Backatcha!

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