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In Kingdom Economy, There’s No Such Thing

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  1. 1.
    a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
    “it’s no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has occurred in the free nations”
    synonyms: accident, chance, serendipity, fortuity, providence, happenstance, fate;

    a fluke
    “too close to be mere coincidence”
  2. 2.
    correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.
    “the coincidence of interest between the mining companies and certain politicians”
    synonyms: co-occurrence, coexistence, conjunction, simultaneity,contemporaneity, concomitance

    The fact that this Lovely friend and I met for a catch up chat on this day…is no small orchestration. The meeting of Two Story Teller hearts who remind each other of the importance of our History…together and with IAM. Priceless.

    Three hours of laughter, tears, reminiscence. Priceless, indeed. For that, I am truly grateful.

    Sherry is called to Israel. The people. The History. The Savior. To do so she obediently, against every earthly constraint, opened The Beth Israel House of Prayer in Bend, Oregon. A Christian House of Prayer. Christians United for Israel. Imagine.

    Beth Israel goes to Israel. The bloggist left and Sherry, The World Changer, right. October 3, 2014

    In this Season of Grace . What in my previous Life (BHS- before Holy Spirit) might have been laid out to ‘coincidence’, is clearly, clearly Clearly! in God’s perfect plan…always had been. Never a doubt.

    When God said “Go to coffee” with a long ago acquaintance, sometime last summer. I didn’t hesitate. I was certain of the outcome, had set soft but clear (to me) guidelines of one hour, to allow escape  (for both of us). We had a nice little coffee chat…and imagine my surprise when almost 2 hours later we finally left. (how’d that happen? )

    Wrapping up, I was done. Rarely indulging my curiosity, I’d been surprised when God had said “Go & See”.

    Well, I’d been indulged and satisfied this time. but…No. No. No.

    This encounter was pleasantly nothing like I’d expected but…still…No. No. No.

    Too fresh. Too soon. For both of us.

    Imagine my GREATER surprise when IAM  Whispered, “Yes”. Stunned. I stood in the parking lot ready to leave…staring ahead… “Yes, I’d like that” came from my own lips.

    Since that first encounter, this friend from l-o-n-g ago has helped me unpack some ‘baggage’ that I’d always wondered who’d packed in the first place , listens to my wonderings, and answers them when needed. Accepts my silence and my talking too much, most importantly my Faithful, Faith-Filled Lifestyle. There are no coincidences in The Kingdom Economy. (this is Not about finances, but that God’s World does NOT operate by The World)

    August-October Progression; Late arrivals-spots & all. Camp Sherman Oregon

    We’re here. For such a time as this. In this moment.  For however long or short. Not to over** think or over plan. (note to self**)

    To enjoy each other’s mature company. To answer each other’s long unasked-questions. Or not. To listen with The Heart of Compassion. To remind each other of the importance of our positive History…together. Priceless.

    Living In The Moment Like Never Before…and Loving it…Priceless indeed. 🙂

    For that…I am truly thankful.


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11 Replies to “In Kingdom Economy, There’s No Such Thing”

  1. If we are attentive, and listen we will find ourselves involved in circumstances that are NOT circumstantial. I believe God arranges things to happen to often surprise us. Thanks for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” I love what your friend is doing!


  2. Hi Shandra! I am really thankful that you listened so quickly to the Holy Spirit. That is such a beautiful gift! Many wouldn’t respond, or think it was a silly thing to do. But not you! And you were richly rewarded.
    You are so right, there are no ‘coincidences’, but there are Divine Appointments. So glad you made yours 🙂
    Your neighbor at Faith and Fellowship Bloghop,


    1. Thanks so much for the Friday Encouragement Ceil. As it happens today is the exact one year ‘anniversary’ of that first cup of coffee (of which I was planning to run from). We’re still having fun, growing, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g each other in new ways. Who knew? God knew, that’s who.


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