Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Bumped into an Old, Old-acquaintance today.

“Hi, How ya doing?”

“I’ve been very well, thank you. You?”

“Me?”… he smiled…

“Oh I’ve been missing you…You’ve been avoiding me or what?”  he chuckled…

“Well, actually I’ve been enjoying New Life….so much so…I suppose I’d lost sight of…You.”

A pause in our conversation.

Across the table my partner noticed the subtle shift.

Having been prepared


I was still…not.

When that Old-acquaintance “Harsh Reality” steps into the room, everything shifts.

“Well Pollyanna, how’s that New Life working out for you?”…he chuckled.

“When no one else shares The Truth,..actually withholds the full story… it doesn’t really matter what you do or  believe does it?”

Does it? I wondered….

“…Truth is…someone elses story.Truth is…the spin someone else chooses to believe. Truth….people I’ve known & thought I’ve known, love to spout that word…but don’t look beyond what fits in their own box….”

“Their Reality Byte…bites.” he whispered.

“I’ve prayed for a New Life.” I smiled.

Amazed, that in such small Community, every where I’ve gone for months I’ve not seen one person I know…or knows me….until today.

…When only Harsh Reality, gave me the time of day.


Until next time, some thoughts ….

When you know the real story about someone, yet keep it to yourself….what does that make you?

If you’ve ever  knowingly with held the real story about someone, why?

Does telling The Truth matter to anyone? To you?

to be continued…

6 Replies to “Reality Bites, I Mean-Bytes”

  1. What an awesome story – he was jibing you a bit seems. Truth withheld is often wise, especially if it is on a need to know basis. Some truth, I wish it had not been told to me, so I must toss it over my shoulder and love the person anyway. Your truth, is personal and a new life can certainly be yours as you allow God to open the right doors. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. WOW you are a quick reader. Thanks for your comments on my recent posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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