Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

 God’s Plans  are perfect.

Oh really? For Whom?

Certainly not for  The Voice crying out in the Wilderness.  Nor the one caught between the Prodigal Child & parent. Certainly not for the Child anguishing in grief. The One wondering about a diagnosis? Nor the One waiting on the errant spouse to come home…or hoping..Not.

Being in the midst of even one of those situations wondering what in the World God is doing? What have I done to deserve all this…or Not?

God’s plans are perfected. In, through because of… in spite of …our imperfect human Circumstances

“Daughter, what have you learned.?”

“This is not fair!” I fumed in my oh so mature -in-the-moment Voice.

The increasingly impatient Guardian beside me bristled.

“What have I learned?”

(When there’s a grumpy Angel nearby —with a Sword—one Serious-es up quickly.)

“25 years ago I learned  Churchy Doctrine and rules. 13 years ago I heard Seekers Welcome. 10 years ago I learned God’s Voice does Speak & over rules all others when IAM said “Get out now”. 7 Years ago I learned to partner with The Holy Spirit, 6, year ago I learned I’ve never been the only One.  5 years ago I learned I’ve never been the Only One.


4 years ago I truly grasped & ran with The Love of The Father ..1 year ago you showed me this gem which again changed Everything.”

“Yes, and If I Love, Honor, Protect YOU as you’ve experienced & Witness, why do you imagine I’d stop now.?”

Why? Because you, Dear Lord are asking me to do, face, be where I don’t want to…to show up…AGAIN! And now, you show me a consistent 50 % disapproval rating in the last few days….”

“Frankly I’m weary of putting on my Big Girl spandex, Slapping on a Courageous face & Brave Heart everyday. Some days it’s too, too much…which is why I thought you were taking me to a New Country…like…Arizona  Italy …or…The Great Republic of .Texas.”

Trust & Obey…

“Honestly,God, Vulnerability  gives me a rash.”

With that last bit of ridiculousness, we all chuckled..–even my ever faithful Big Guy with the Sword.

How about you? When you feel most vulnerable…care to share how you’ve overcome? Muddled through? Or taken care of the fallout? breakout? 🙂


to be continued…

Until then~ I leave you with this:

Dr. Brené Brown 4 Things Leaders Should Know (about that V Word)…

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.”

4 Replies to “Vulnerability Makes Me Break Out”

  1. That angel with the sword is not against you but is for you! There are times it is difficult to understand why stuff happens to upset our lives. Sometimes it is years we pray for a miracle and it seems nothing is happening. Again we ask why? Through it all – we can still trust Him for his plans are not always our plans. Thanks for sharing here at Tell me a Story. Oh yes, I loved your story on progression in finding our Father God and understanding His love in sending his only begotten Son and finally sending the Comforter to be in and with us. I jumped when God said, “Get out.” I understand !!


    1. Absolutely. As a child it never, of course, occurred to me I was the only one who was seeing angels (or at least admitted to it). I learned quickly not to share that nugget with anyone. Years later in Christian communities I was again flabbergasted to be one of few who recognized, welcomed and seemingly understood the significance of Angelic Host (at least openly). even new agers understand/recognize Angels more than some Christian communities! . Thankfully, God has lead me to many gatherings over the past 10 years to see that I’m not alone within the Spirit -Led Christian Community. So thankful for that!! It’s been an interesting God journey of which I continue to be honored & thankful for His Son and the Host that cries Holy is The Lamb….would visit you and me.


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