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The Hand of God &The Broken Hearted – Picture it & Write

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Happy to be joining the creative Collective over at picture it & write . Every Sunday    Ermisenda hosts anyone who wishes to join!

Add your paragraph to her prompt or write your own story. Hop over and check out the others. You’ll be happy you did.


Today’s photo prompt (above) : by Steve Rosset titled ‘Nature’s Surprise’ we go!

God reached down with gentle, knowing hands, nurturing the broken heart – split wide open. Alas, with great sadness did His tears flow, for this one was so desolate, so beyond Hope He grieved for it’s loss. Ever so softly He Breathed In…the small vessel quivered, the tight heart, so broken, with one last shudder, relaxed…finally released in Death. “Behold” He whispered. “Out of Death & despair the Seeds of New Life.”

Exhaling, He scattered The Seeds of Hope, into a New Land.

Shandra White Harris

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