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Happy New Year and NEW LIFE Little Sparrow

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~ A Mother’s unconditional Love for her Child! ~

This appeal is from a small town Gal for her beloved son. My own small town and people I know first hand…Any Ellen fans out there?



~ Ellen ~ I would like to ask for your help with this family who is in need of your love and compassion. It is my hope that Karissa Fronk & her family can find additional help to aide her son in the therapy’s that are needed to better his progress in life. Her story needs to be told and for her love for her son is great ~ I would love to see her featured on your show as an inspiration to a Mother’s Love. Thank you for your time & consideration. Bree Ysen in Redmond OR.

Please read her message below:

Karissa Fronk, Sisters Oregon

Hi all, I’ve been pretty quite on this site but I have been reading different threads throughout the day and some of your comments.
I just wanted to throw in my two cents. There’s a program in central Oregon called Sparrow Club. My son was a sparrow for sisters high school last year and will be a sparrow next year for one last year (you are allowed one year unless your situation changes for a more life threatening condition). We, unfortunately, are not this year.
If you’re not familiar with the program, it is for kids that have life threatening conditions or kids with terminal illness. The medical expenses involved are more than our system can help with, regardless of if you have federal help or not. Please consider helping us, not just financially, but cooking meals and delivering them, starting a meal train on fb for someone, getting toys that cater to the specific development delays, and emotional support. We thrive off of this generosity.
My son is 22 months old. He had the largest stroke at birth st. Charles in bend has ever seen. It destroyed 90% of the left hemisphere. Starting day 4 of life, my son had 300 breakthrough seizures A HOUR with no rescue med to help stop them. 5 months ago , at age 16 months, I made the hardest decision any parent should NEVER have to make: I had half his brain removed to stop the seizures and give my son the best chance at life. We are in 15 therapies a week. I am single mom and receive no government assistance. I work full time, take my son to therapies, and my paychecks go towards therapies that insurance doesn’t take or all therapies once the benefits are maxed out.
Sadly, I’m not the only one in this situation. Our system is not set up for our medical needs children to thrive. I opted out of not working and going on welfare. For me, it was a moral choice that i had to teach my son that you can’t expect handouts. You have to work for what you want in life. No excuses and no free rides. For my son to receive all the therapies and treatment he needs, it comes out to $8000 a month. That’s around $96,000 a year! The debt we carry is huge, but my child’s life is worth more. We are just one story.
So please consider talking with therapists in our area, outpatient rehab at st. Charles, the sparrow club in bend and other networks for medical needs kids and find out how you can help us and many other families whose heart IS in the right place, but just need a helping hand from a loving heart to help make medical ends meet.
Happy new year! Lets be the good in the world that the world needs more of!

May, 2015 Update on this little guy and his family!  Mason F is doing well. He’s ‘graduated from vision therapy, they’re moving to new adventure in the great State of Washington. Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement to this Little Momma and her Sparrow Angel.




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