Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

That voice was there today. T H A T voice.

small v. voice.

the small one that makes your head pound, your eyes sting and your world look so small.

or is it only me?

If you don’t “battle” that voice, then clearly this post and my life Lessons are NOT for you. Clearly, You , dear one, I’m not called to. Bold in Battle

For the REST of us real-life, living life without- an -eraser-Beings; THAT voice.



Lord, what is this? I asked.  “You’ve failed” He said, simply.

You failed BIG time, said THAT small accusatory voice.

Lets just address it shall we? Finally?

My dignity, community respect, my community ‘place’, all gone.

So many things, lost, it would seem.

Back to square one? Not this Gal!
Back to square one? Not this Gal!

You’ve avoided me, you’ve been too embarrassed to ask. To seek the truth. Your answers fit your preconceived notions.

Hear me, please. I get it. No hard feelings.

Peace be with you, as it is with me.

When all y’all walked out, very very few stayed. And even fewer walked in.

But walk in they did (that few). One even asked the right questions, listened to the entire ridiculous drama and believes me. He believes me. Simple?

Simply amazing.



Nothing looks the way you said it should. Nothing looks the way you said it would. Nothing looks the way I dreamed it could.


Hear me, please. No hard feelings.

Peace be with you, as it is with me.


Wednesday nights, some of those others walked in gather…to pray, to study, to ask, to answer questions.  Last night. There it was. A version I’ve not seen.

Jesus’ brothers are taunting Him- unaware of the true story; The Big Picture; the Context.

They never ask the right questions. Their preconceived idea formed.

They believe He’s after fame, glory, being front and center…the Spotlight.

He never corrects them. Neither do I . Only what God has called us to say. Only to respond when He says so.

Such God timed confirmation.


What a good reminder.

Especially for you.



No…Nothing looks the way I dreamed it could…

It is simply better. With those that walked in.

Until next time..a much  more cynical, cautious, aged, wiz·ened,



Coming soon? What does it look like “When God Says Well Done.”

and “Lessons from (unwittingly) Taking One for The Team”

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Fail Early and Fail Fast

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5 Replies to “Failing Forward”

  1. Things do not always turn out as we wish they would, but then it is time to get up and try again. Fail forward is a new thought but interesting too. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.


  2. T H A T voice of our enemy is in our head. The voice of God comes from DEEP within, you might say it is like a gut feeling from our belly. The accuser is a liar and we can know anything he says bad about us can’t be true. The past is washed away and God does not remember it any more. 🙂

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