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God IS So Good – Day of the (future) Woman- Introducing Little Eve

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“If you have a few minutes, you might enjoy our grandson’s (Grant) and wife’s (Michelle) story of their little EVE. The short video was done for their church there in Denver.  I believe I told you what the doctor said in the beginning about their baby and how things changed. This is one beautiful little girl.  God is so good.” Aunt Dona

Thus was the email attached to the video below. From my Floridian Aunt D. Get your tissues Friends. Happy tears ahead!~Shandra

“Thought you guys might want to see this. It’s a video we did for our church that they plan to use in a few weeks on Sunday with Kaitlyn and John’s video (just below it) on a sermon to contrast how God is good when he heals and good when he doesn’t. I cried the entire time we shot it, and again through watching the whole thing. 🙂 In hindsight, it might not have been a good idea to shoot this video 3 weeks postpartum! So weepy! But man are we feeling blessed to have our little one!” Grant and MIchelle Usry

These Usry kiddos are second Cousins to me (Author Shandra). An AMAZING journey . Our AMAZING GOD.

Here’s the Original full version : 4 short clips -with 4 amazing Stories.

Until next time,

Bringing remembrances to YOU of the Great and Mighty things God has done for & through YOU.


“Remember, it’s not your ‘story’ that’s the Testimony. It’s You.” Joyce Meyers

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5 Replies to “God IS So Good – Day of the (future) Woman- Introducing Little Eve”

    1. Thanks Kristen for stopping by and commenting. It is truly amazing and heart tugging to see the stories of these young couples journeys. Inspiring is their Faith & commitment to each other and to “He that gives and Takes Away ” .


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