Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

 The Lord Inhabits The Praises Of His People  He does, O yes,  He truly does.

Two hours.

Expectation high.

Atmosphere expectant.

The One we seek & serve arrives.

Warmth, light, Holy Spirit electricity, Peace, flood the room as senses heighten.

Weeping. Prostration. kneeling.

Angelic hosts accompany Our King. Heralding Him. Ministering to HIM.  Light permeates the room -bright shimmering Light….glowing brighter and warmer.

My face is aglow. My cheeks flushed.

White seeping through the room under my closed lids is so brilliant and white.

Wait. Not the room.

The Aisle. To my Right.

Slowing. Just behind.

Stopping just beside.

The Brilliance, His Holiness.


who am I?????

Slightly my head instinctively turns left, away. so unworthy to be seen, to BE in the Presence of this One True King.

With warmth, love, compassion & Mercy He Whispers,

“Do not turn away, Child.”

” Daughter, You are so Worthy”

Like the prodigal,&  the druggie, Mary Magdalene, & the sex addict, the Pharisee, & the gambler, the Sadducees, & the trafficker, the estranged, & The Righteous& Upright alike all those HE came to touch, deeper still….

Christ the King. Christ The One. I can Not keep silent. Christ is NOT dead. Christ is NOT a meek, broken man on the Cross.

Jesus Christ is ALIVE and WELL. He’s calling YOU. He whispers “do not turn away, Child…you are so worthy”

Do not turn away. Run to HIM. He’s Not mad at you.

Give Him permission to touch the deepest, inner parts.

It matters.


(thank you for your personal, special request prayers you hand full know who you are.)

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14 Replies to “When Jesus Walks The Aisles”

  1. I am reading a book by Kevin Basconi, (How to Work with Angels in Your Life) it is about angelic ministry in tandem with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Your post sounds like a room full of a HOST of angels as you worshiped. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  2. When I was going through this and saw “Mary Magdalene” I suddenly thought you and I had her in our hearts and lives. She’s truly a “me”. Thanks for sharing so much to so many. Blessings…


    1. Thank you Cary-jo!Joanne for stopping by! Mary M, The Woman at the Well, the Leper, the Lame… all societies Outcasts have forever held a special fascination for me. As a small child I thought “aren’t we all just supposed to get along? Why can’t everyone just be nice!”? Now, understanding the impact her mistakes made on her amidst a culture surrounded by cruel oppression/abuse and strict Law the risk she took to Praise and Worship Him. Which happens to be an introduction to an upcoming next post.
      She certainly gave Jesus the prophesied Spotlight that He came to pronounce Forgiveness through The Cross. So, to every ‘MaryM’, or any one who’s ever made a mistake, needed healing, missed an opportunity, needed hope, messed up-We’ve learned….The Lord uses every (good, bad, ugly, beautiful) thing for HIS Glory…if we allow Him. Bless you indeed, Sister. +


  3. So hard to keep my face toward him, when I feel like I’m failing. Instead of running from Him, I need to run TO HIM. So important.
    Linking up at Thought Provoking Thursdays.


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