Kids Are Not For Sale Oregon Sex Trafficking Crimes Legislative update House Bill 3040

Dear Readers,
 I’m not here to convince you only to bring informed awareness that this happens in your backyard today, Now.  Sadly it is true. Visit the Kids Are Not For Sale in Oregon Facebook page and for ongoing updates in Oregon and your own states. The time is Now to lend your Voice.
The idea that people are in slavery today, here, NOW is appalling & unbelievable to many (as it should be! Please be outraged, incredulous…then do one thing to learn more). is a secular group seeking your Voice.

An email update from those continuing on the front lines lobbying:
“Friends & Colleagues,
A lot of activity has happened in Salem in the past two weeks.  Here’s an update on the developments.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.
The deadline for bills to move out of committee (in the chamber where the bill was introduced) was April 21st.  A couple of bills moved at the deadline, including HB 3040 and HB 3143.  Any bills that did not move forward are now dead.
HB 3040, which would create a hearsay exception for sex trafficking cases had a hearing on April 15th, and a work session on April 21st.  The Kids Are Not For Sale in Oregon campaign organized a mini-lobby day for the hearing.  It was great to see so many attendees pack the hearing room, and we got some favorable press coverage:
However, some committee members were uncertain on some Constitutional implications of the bill because of US Supreme Court cases, and decided to make an amendment to the bill to send it to the Oregon Law Commission and ask for a report by the end of the year.  HB 3040A is now awaiting a floor vote next Monday.
Yesterday, two bills received hearings and work sessions in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  HB 2206 and HB 2385A were both approved and will now go to the Senate floor.  See the full list of bills below.
The list of the bills that are still alive this session:
HB 2205: creates a statewide Advisory Committee on child sex trafficking fund, and would allow the
state to raise and expend funds from grants, foundations, and private donations through a common fund.
HB 2205 was approved by the House Judiciary Committee and is now in Ways & Means.
HB 2206: changes the crime of “Patronizing a Prostitute” to “Commercial Sexual Solicitation.”
HB 2206 passed the House, and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 30th.  The bill will now go to the Senate floor, and if approved, to the Governor’s desk.
HB 2385A: for the crimes luring a minor and purchasing sex with a minor, the bill clarifies that the crimes are committed when a defendant is communicating with a law enforcement officer or agent of the officer, who is posing as a minor.
HB 2385A passed the House, and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 30th.  The bill will now go to the Senate floor, and if approved, to the Governor’s desk.
HB 2908: makes technical changes to comply with federal policies.
HB 2908 has passed the House, and has been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
HB 3040A: this bill was amended to ask the Oregon Law Commission to study a hearsay exception for sex trafficking cases and report back to the Legislature by the end of the year.
HB 3040A was approved by the House Judiciary Committee, as amended, and is scheduled for a vote on the House floor on Monday, May 4th.
HB 3059A: creates a poster about workers rights and establishes a hotline to provide employment and safety information to dancers in strip clubs.
HB 3059A was approved by the House Business & Labor Committee, and has been sent to the Ways & Means Committee.
HB 3143A: Allows a human trafficking sticker to be distributed by the OLCC, if provided by a non-profit organization at no expense to OLCC.  Displaying the stickers would be voluntary.
HB 3143A passed the House on April 30th and will be assigned to a Senate committee.
HB 2232A: directs DHS to appoint an advisory committee on the delivery of services to runaway and homeless youth.
HB 2232A passed the House, and is scheduled for a work session in the Senate Human Services Committee on May 7th.
Other bills related to sex trafficking did not get hearings, and are now dead.  These include:
HB 3131
SB 513
SB 645/646
SB 816
HB 2196
HB 2506
HB 3060
HB 3109
HB 3268
Joel Shapiro, Portland Oregon Attorney
Please continue to pray for ALL your leaders. Enemy principalities never cease to lobby and seduce with power & authority. We MUST pray without ceasing for God’s Authority & Power to Reign and for Eyes to Be opened; to over-come half truths may we , in Unity, See & obey God’s Whole Truth.
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