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Sex Trafficking Crimes – Oregon Legislative Update Hearsay Exceptions HB 3040

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 Exodus Cry “ …the brokers go in the name of relief to kidnap or lure women. We are distributing assistance to make people aware that someone might come to lure them.” Keep Nepal in your prayers. ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ The Guardian

 You may not be aware the first human trafficking FBI prosecution- trial in Oregon came from a servitude-slavery case right here in Sunriver Oregon. Lured in, as above, with the promise of a better life. Unfortunately slavery is alive & well right in our backyard . traffickers are savvy, slick and often unsuspected. It happens around the globe & right next door. Keep Oregon in your Prayers. Shandra
An excerpt from the  Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans Newsletter: 

Oregon Legislative Update sealofOregon
HB 3040, creates a hearsay exception for sex trafficking cases.  This bill allows reliable evidence of sex trafficking crimes to be admitted into evidence at trial against traffickers and buyers, and helps ensure that offenders are held accountable even if the victim is unable or unwilling to testify at trial. The evidence consist of emails, text messages, written communication and communication with the police.
A mini lobby day was held April 15 and a working session of the House Committee On Judiciary occurred on April 21. The working session vote was 9 YES and 0 NO. The status of this bill is listed as “In House Committee Awaiting Transfer to Desk” for the second and third reading.
If you would like to be more involved in support of HB 3040, please email Nita Belles.
If you’d like to learn more , sign up to receive the newsletter, attend a meeting/training or Host an Awareness Event  email:  Please visit these sites often for the latest “as they happen ” updates:

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