Not just A Day – The Hook Of Mass Marketing & Misguided Traditions

Valentine’s DAY, Mother’s DAY, Father’s DAY, BirthDAY…Anniversary.

The ‘wisdom’ in mass marketing says this is THE day. The one and only. Honor THIS Day. Don’t blow it!

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt. (um, well, that’s what I’ve heard, anyway)


Why, ask I,  put so much pressure on one 24 hour time slot?

Bear with me here. In my family of 3 we celebrated the Birthday m-o-n-t-h. For 3 of us having birthdays in March it was easy peasy lemon squeasy.

(You see I’m not against capitalism. Oh contraire! Gifts? Bring ’em! 🙂 )


I  celebrate everything. Why limit it to one day or season or reason?

5 Reasons not to limit :

1. Placing all my hopes and dreams that you might (more likely NOT) remember one or two days only important to me, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of 365 other equally awesome celebratory days? Setting us all up for disappointment.  Silly.  I mean May alone is a party waiting to happen.

2. Freeing you (and me!) from  pressure to ‘perform’ makes it much more enjoyable when we can eventually arrange time together to celebrate oh say, Easter dinner the following week. Did I miss the Joy of Easter? Of course not! Did I miss the joy of your company ? Well, actually, not really. I do have a life ya know. Jk.Freedom I give to you!  to stay, to come, to go. Healthy Flowers, Healed Hearts

3. Insisting you adhere to my routine & time-table makes us all miserable. When I recall all those years, in my desire to be ‘family’, it was required to meet the needs of everyone other adult in The Clan-schlepping along 2 tired toddlers,( who really cared Notta)  diaper bag, car seats…to get to 4+ homes on ONE Thanks giving Day or ONE Easter egg hunt over 5 venues…. (let me tell ya I WAS NOT thankful in anyway…UNTIL I said enough of this nonsense)

But perhaps I digress just a weensy bit.  Where You End And I Begin  This gift of freedom I give to you.

4. Sharing the love, traditions and companionship of close friends & family is sweet. If you have that, good for you! If you’re more like the rest of us, you might be transplanted, empty nester or building your own New Nest,  you create or accept opportunities.

You do have one other choice…grouch around in your Pearls or  grubbies bemoaning no card or a call or an invite on this ONE (manmade) day. Communication highways flow both ways, Friends!


 For most of us, Life is NOT a Hallmark card or Movie, sorry to say. I couldn’t count how many decades of days I’ve seen wasted because Generations moped around the house for a call or visit that did not come.

5. Create your own Traditions! Grow where you are! Enjoy your Life now & stop by when you can! My door is always open…and the voice mail is on. The best Gift I can Give to you this Mother’s Day, and everyday.

Until next time, Shandra 5/5/2015


And just in case you’re wondering… May IS Older Americans Month,  that’s me!


Just saying!girl

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  1. We have a motto in our family…celebrate the occasion, not the day. If we get to it on the exact day, great. If not, we are so completely okay with it. EVERY day is a day to celebrate in our little world…because every day is a Divine gift from our loving Father! With all of that being said, Happy Mothers Day to you, friend. 🙂

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