Saturday Short and Stout 

Saturday short and stout

Originally written Jan 2013


Starbucks on a Saturday morning. For studying?  What was I thinking ?

In the hustle and bustle of the be-seen-but-don’t-see circles. amidst busy -life -passing- by, the bright spot is seated right next door.

The  table adjacent boasts two lovely women heads together, voices low discussing the very.raw.truth. One lovely perhaps mid sixties. The other mid twenties. 

The conversation is raw . the conversation is real.

I want to reach over and hug this Brave young woman . To say well done Girlie for taking your life into your hands now.  Setting strong boundaries for your life, future and now. Well done,

The younger truthfully shares how stupid she feels for believing a man she trusted , again. And again he “led her on”, played games with her emotions–and heart– broke that trust in cruel , deceitful ways.

She will experience Freedom Now because she is seeking help Now. Sharing the struggles with someone Godly. Now. Someone discerning enough to say ‘this is not ok’. His  behavior is destructive, obsessive.  But what if…Because she wants to believe ..him…because .she wants to affirm…him… She wants to be enough…. for him.

I so want to hug them both to whisper “you will never be enough to a ‘him’ but are so much more than that to ‘TheONEHIM’ .”

The simple words in the note I press into her trembling hands as I silently , momentarily pause…”You ARE enough.”

Today. Saturday 2++ years past & a lifetime of lessons. That season and door closed. Double Bolted. Painful lessons learned my self. In Obedience to TheOneHim that matters.

 The Best of which…I am more than Enough. 

And so are you.

Shandra May, 2015


All rights reserved: By Shandra white Harris – April , 2013

You’re forgiven .you’re free.   I’m Free! Both Released. Forever More. finished.

and sometime found linking here: The Social Scene


  1. I’m here from Janis’s link. I was just talking to a friend today and saying that I think the enemy traps us in thought patterns of two extremes, either “I’m not enough” or “I’m too much”. He likes us to think we are either not enough for people or that we are too much and overwhelming to them.


    • Amen Sisters. “Too too” much is what we as Women, hear all our lives. (or is it just me? 😉 ) Right from the pit to keep us in the pit.
      If I could say to all the younger women (including my younger self) it would be Hold steady, Girls. Steady, Steady. Lash your self- Land on The Cross, to the Cross the Love of CHRIST—& STAY there. You are neither too much nor too little to God or the ‘right’ community.
      Bless you indeed and thank you for stopping by.


  2. We are enough for Jesus ! We may not stand tall enough for some, but Jesus looks at us as His perfect child. That little scrap of paper probably meant more to this young girl than tons of scripture verses. In her heart she knew her “relationship” was one sided and unless God changed him, there was no change in the works. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  3. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you had more than one shot at life? A soulmate could be there one time and maybe not the next. Eternity is a lot longer than life. Maybe we rush to all our conclusions because we’re feeling short on time. ..who knows.. 🙂 God’s got plenty of time, so maybe we do to.
    Just a thought.

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    • It’s perfect 😉 nice to ‘see’ you again, SMB. We did share some great convos over The Word, & other points, way back when.

      I would challenge us all though, if anyone is reading this & still a fence sitter…to consider that it might be later than we think to make choices for accepting Christ & allowing God to master our lives…just a thought. 😉 God is for yu, but there is a time limit.. SO when (if 😉 ) you’ve found yours, SMB, don’t wait too long, Sir. She might get away.

      Looking forward to more of your words of Wisdom, real soon. (And yes, in answer to your question? I’ve learned to dare to ‘unlike’ many things. #NoFear.) Stop by anytime. Shandra


  4. I really appreciated this, Shandra…and shared it on my fb wall. I have been working with a young lady who is in a very destructive relationship…but I just can’t seem to get through. Praying the Holy Spirit opens her eyes and she obey’s His voice. It is only by God’s grace that I did not marry a very abusive boyfriend.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely heart and Testimony, Cheryl.
      We’ve too long listened to the lies that if ‘they see our hearts we’ll be too much (or too little)’. Praying Christ will touch her heart & anyone reading- man woman or child- to see the Love of The Father, Abba, Papa…1 John 3:1 See what great love the Father has bestowed….
      Praying right along with you that the wisdom, mercy & Might or right thinking and healing Voices will renew her strength like the Wings of Eagles to rise above this relationship…and the hooks that hold her there.

      That she too, will find her value & Voice, in Christ. Bless you and yours indeed. Shandra


  5. I am so blessed with your open support for this woman, Shandra. We have been in her shoes (I think everyone has, male or female) and sometimes we listen more to strangers. I believe we need to put our lives in His hands and give Trust. xo

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  6. Shandra,
    Oh, I’ve had to learn that lesson…that in Christ I am enough….over and over though in different contexts…and each time, by God’s grace, the truth sinks in a little deeper…Thanks so much for introducing yourself over at my blog.


  7. Beautiful – and what an encouragement to that girl. If only we could all remember more often that we ARE ENOUGH to God, the only ONE who really matters when it all ends.


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