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The Beauty you Love is You by Kathy Halley

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The Beauty you Love is You
Do you know that feeling you get,
when it’s a beautiful day and so you go somewhere to be in nature?
And you are sitting there in th…e calm breeze and gazing at your favorite mountain,
or lake,
or river
or tree filled mossy patch
… and something comes over you …
It’s subtle at first like a little buzz,
but soon it starts to get louder,
as if begging to be noticed.
It reaches into you,
all the way in,
deeper than words ever can.
It soothes all worries and starts to move you
and expand you.
And before you know it you are smiling a soft smile,
knowing that everything is going to be all right.
And as your lips curl into that gentle softened expression of peace,
it’s as if nature gives you that same look back.
And you share in it for a moment.
A secret, silent knowing;
that no matter how it all plays out,
everything is already in the right place.
And do you know what’s amazing about this feeling?
The most amazing thing is that it’s You.
Nature’s beauty is a perfect reflection of what you really are,
what you’ve always been
and what you will always be.
Reflecting back to you
Your pureness,
Your ease,
Your grace.
She is unapologetically flourishing,
because she doesn’t know anything about
holding back.
And somewhere in you is that same beauty,
unable to not shine.
We only think we can hide it,
but nature knows our real Truth.
And that’s the secret we share with her
on those beautiful days.
When you remember that the beauty you love,
Is You.
Kathy Halley 2015
Those days. You wonder. Then open an email you somehow missed. Days before.
From your long time friend and guest contributor, Kathy Halley.
That day. That VERY Day.
You need to be reminded. of Truth.
You are Loved. You are Beautiful.
Priceless. Grace.
You are not too much or too little.
You’re New. You Shine. You’re You.
Don’t hold back.
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8 Replies to “The Beauty you Love is You by Kathy Halley”

  1. Well that will inspire… Awesome. Thanks for sharing that. “Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow”, came to mind as I read it.

    “Selah” is my youngest daughter’s middle name…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Shandra,

    I clicked over to your blog from the Women with Intention challenge. I loved the poem. I think that way a lot. I am not a Christian, but I feel that way too by my own version of God. It is very cool. Nature is an amazing thing!


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